Triple H Turning on Seth Rollins at WWE Night of Champions Would Be Too Soon


Triple H and Seth Rollins have had plenty of tension over the past month. But is it too early for the WWE COO to turn on the self-proclaimed “Future of WWE”?

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The seeds have seemingly been planted for a while for a Triple H vs. Seth Rollins feud. It would pit the mentor against his protegé, a classic rivalry that is not only seen in WWE but it movies and TV.

We’ve seen Rollins use the Pedigree, made famous by Triple H. Stephanie McMahon has also been getting frustrated with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion lately. We haven’t seen too much from Triple H, yet, but he’s shown some frustration with Rollins.

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Going into WWE Night of Champions, speculation has swirled that Triple H could be turning on Rollins at the show. But with this feud being of such great magnitude, it would be way too soon to happen.

Rollins vs. Triple H is a feud that is made for WrestleMania. Putting it at Survivor Series or Royal Rumble doesn’t make sense, even though those two shows are important. This is a program that’s been building since Rollins aligned with The Authority in June 2014, so why have it end at a “B” show? This would be the case if Triple H turned on Rollins at Night of Champions.

If Triple H turned on Rollins, that would mean we would have to wait almost seven months for a WrestleMania match between the two. That’s just way too much time for a slow build.

Instead, Triple H should be turning on Rollins at WWE Hell in a Cell.

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  • If you didn’t know by now, Sheamus holds the Money in the Bank briefcase. This guarantees him a future WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. He has teased repeatedly that he could cash in at Night of Champions but I don’t see it happening because it’s been made too obvious.

    So, if Sheamus cashes in on Rollins at Hell in a Cell, it could turn into Triple H turning on the Architect, à la SummerSlam 2013. Triple H was the special guest referee for the WWE Championship match between Daniel Bryan and John Cena with the former winning. Afterwards, Money in the Bank holder Randy Orton came out to cash in on Bryan. As he approached the ring, The Game turned heel, hitting a Pedigree on Bryan to give Orton the clear path to getting the pin. He would become the new champion. Copying this next month would make sense.

    Sheamus cashing in next month would also set up a feud between him and Rollins to go through the rest of the year. Then, by WrestleMania season, Rollins could be sick of Triple H’s antics and challenge him to a WrestleMania match. We would then get the ideal six-to-eight week buildup for this huge bout, which would happen in front of 100,000 people. That’s one outstanding culmination for a program that will be nearly two years in the making.

    So, is it time for Triple H to turn on Seth Rollins at Night of Champions?

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