Why Sheamus Should Cash in at WWE Night of Champions


We take a look at why Night of Champions is the right time for Sheamus to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

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Heading into WWE Night of Champions on Sunday night we have the unique situation where one man holds two of the companies biggest titles. Seth Rollins will defend his World Heavyweight title against Sting, while also facing John Cena for the United States title as well. But there’s also another man ready to make his presence felt on the night and that is Sheamus.

Men like Sheamus and Rollins really are the future of the company, whilst being the main men at the current time. Both of them have the ability to be Hall of Fame inductees in the future and the pair can carry the company on their backs.

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Since winning the Money in the Bank match earlier in the year, Sheamus has been locked in a feud with Randy Orton. It seems that nearly every week we’ve seen them face each other, and it’s felt like such a boring feud. Sheamus is one of the few guys in the company who can produce every single time he steps into the ring. One thing that has happened in recent weeks is he’s started to remind Rollins about that briefcase that he holds. After a few months of it not being mentioned on TV, other than when he was on-screen, it would appear that now is the time to push Sheamus to the front of the queue for some gold.

On Raw in the last few weeks, Sheamus has popped up at the right times to put it into the mind of Seth that he might just cash in at Night of Champions. Taunting him that he’s definitely got two matches to face bit could also have a third. The fact that this has all been mentioned could just be a bluff. In the past, the cash in has usually come as a massive surprise and you only have to look at how Seth ended up with the belt at WrestleMania. While many people hoped he would walk out with the belt, not many people actually thought it was likely to happen. It did and the thunderous reaction of the crowd when it did told you how much they enjoyed it.

Maybe it’s time for the obvious to actually happen. If you look at the match between Sting and Rollins for the Heavyweight belt, can anyone actually see Sting getting the win? It’s another case, as it would be amazing for it to happen, but I just can’t see it being the best idea. A man who was one of the most important men in WCW holding the biggest belt in WWE holds a massive intrigue to the situation. Giving the belt to a man who is going to be a bit part player in the company could hurt the belt more than it helps it. So why not give him it just for a short while? Maybe a few minutes perhaps?

Sting can beat Rollins for the belt. Give him the chance to say he won the main titles in both of the biggest wrestling companies in American history. But then have Sheamus come out to take that belt away from him, via the MITB briefcase. Sting is the massive fan favorite and Sheamus is the heel who could potentially be the biggest one in WWE. He gets the boos and “You look stupid” chants from the crowd, maybe let’s make him the real heel and beat the man that everyone wants to see with that shiny gold belt.

We need a way to push Seth towards a feud with Triple H. Why not turn him face to side with Sting? After beating him for the belt he realises that he was beaten by a legend. But then Sheamus ruined that by taking the title away. But we find out shortly after Sheamus wins the belt that The Authority were the ones behind the whole thing. They weren’t happy with the way Rollins was behaving as the top man in the company, they needed a new man to hold the belt and that man was Sheamus. Rollins chases Sheamus from the ring to help Sting but then Triple H gets in the ring and takes out Seth.

The perfect way to shift the focus of WWE is having Sheamus as the new champion and The Authority having their new main man. Triple H can also finally get his hands on Rollins, who would be desperate to get his belt back. All we have to worry about is the return o f a certain Beast Incarnate, he wants the belt back that he never really lost in the first place. Business is about to pick up!

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