WWE Night of Champions 2015 Results: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho vs. The Wyatt Family


Who is the mystery man to join Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in their war against The Wyatt Family at Night of Champions? Read on to find out who answered the call!

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The fireflies are buzzing. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and the massive Braun Strowman make their way down to the ring. They’re followed by Dean Ambrose, who hops at the top of the stage like he was Shane McMahon. Roman is now working his way through the crowd, but he’s all alone. Who is the third man? Both men are in the ring. Who’s it going to be? Someone from the audience just jumped in the ring and was immediately tackled and thrown out. It’s clearly not whoever that was. The countdown begins…it’s Chris Jericho! Break the walls down! The crowd is going wild. Michael Cole recalling the wars Wyatt and Jericho have had in the past.

After a few minutes of Y2J showboating, the lights finally dim on his jacket and the match can begin. It’s Ambrose starting off against Harper. The “Lunatic Fringe” getting things started early with a series of clothesline and an elbow, tag in to Reigns, and they double-team Harper with a dropkick and running clothesline. Tag in to Jericho who hits Harper with a flying elbow and flying crossbody. Jericho in control, goes for the pin and gets a two-count. Tag in to Reigns, but Harper halts his momentum and tag in Strowman. The mood has suddenly changed.

Stare down between Reigns and Strowman, Reigns hitting him with punches, sneaks in a tag to Ambrose but they are both plowed over by Strowman. Jericho trying to leap into the ring but gets caught by Strowman, who tosses him over the top rope onto Ambrose and Reigns outside. Strowman tossing Ambrose back into the ring with ease, now pummeling Ambrose with big boots. Wyatt wants in the ring and gets it, drilling Ambrose with shoulder blocks in the corner. Picking up a head of steam, Wyatt is caught with a boot in the corner, then a series of reversals by Ambrose leads to him making a tag in to Reigns. Harper is in now, too, and Reigns hits him with a Samoan Drop, followed by another slam.

Awkward transition for a moment as Reigns catches Harper with a sit-out powerbomb. Reigns is fuming, nailing Harper with a 10-count of clotheslines, followed by a punch that knocks Harper right over the turnbuckle.  Distraction by Strowman and Reigns is drilled by a Harper superkick. Tag in to Wyatt who is right on top of Reigns, hitting him with a side slam. Strowman is in now, slamming Reigns and slowing the action down to a crawl.  Harper and Wyatt with the double-team on the outside, hitting Reigns with a suicide dive followed by a nasty senton on the floor.

Back in the ring and Reigns weakly kicks out of a pin attempt at two, then is dumped back to the outside. Strowman stalking Reigns, but Ambrose interferes and gets dumped into the crowd. Reigns back in the ring and making a comeback. Tags in Jericho who goes on the offense. Springboard dropkick knocks down Strowman, followed by a bulldog on Wyatt. He’s going for the Walls of Jericho and Wyatt is close to tapping! He can’t get to the ropes…but Harper comes in and breaks it up. Ambrose in the ring, nails Harper with a dropkick. Bray nearly hits Ambrose with Sister Abigail, but Ambrose rolls him up for the quick two-count. Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds, reversed by Wyatt, and both men nail one another with big clotheslines. Both are down for the count.

Strowman tagged in, but Ambrose tags in Reigns. It’s Reigns on the attack, Superman Punch! Strowman’s wobbly, Reigns hits him with a second Superman Punch! Ambrose flies off the top and knocks Strowman off his feet, followed by a suicide dive to the outside on Harper. Reigns with a spear on Strowman. Jericho tagged himself in which appears to have pissed Reigns off. Jericho nails Strowman with the Lionsault, and Strowman kicked out with serious authority. Strowman on the attack, Jericho went for the Codebreaker and got caught. Strowman holding him up and slams him with his finishing slam, then puts Jericho in his vice grip submission, and it looks like Jericho is fading. Finally, after a minute, Jericho goes unconscious and the ref rings the bell. The Wyatts score the win.

After the match, Reigns and Ambrose got in Jericho’s face looking for an explanation. Jericho shoved his way past them both and left the ring while Reigns and Ambrose just watched in obvious frustration.

Travis’ Thoughts: Very entertaining match from start to finish, although the momentum noticeably lagged every time Strowman was in the ring. He’s still incredibly green at this point. Probably not ready for this kind of high-profile match. The ending is weird as it continues the feud but seems to set something up with Jericho, who probably won’t be around after this.

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