WWE Night of Champions 2015 Results: New Day vs. The Dudley Boyz


The New Day defend the WWE Tag Team Championships against the Dudley Boyz at Night of Champions! Find out if the Dudleys can win the gold for the tenth time!

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Break out the horns and save the tables, the New Day is here! Xavier Woods has his trusty trombone, and he tells the live crowd that they have a “problem, a Dudley problem”. The Dudleys are destroying furniture, but the New Day is on a “campaign to save the tables around the world”!  #savethetables everybody! The Authority, Bill Nye “The Science Guy”, Jake from StateFarm are signing the petition to save the tables. Even Barack Obama wants to keep those Dudleys away from those poor defenseless tables.

The Dudleys aren’t having any of it, and they’re coming down to the ring ready, looking to win their 10th WWE Tag Team championship.  It’s Kofi and Big E defending the gold, leaving Woods as the one-man pep rally outside.  D-Von starting off against Kofi, who shows his speed early hitting him with a dropkick. Lots of taunting by Kofi, but it’s D-Von who catches him with a nasty clothesline. Tag in to Bubba and they go for a double team only for Kofi to slip outside the ring to regroup. New Day’s calling a time-out.

JBL teases that no one has ever kicked out of the 3-D finisher.  Tag in to Big E, and already he’s shaking his booty. Big E right up in Bubba’s face, only to get knocked flat on his booty. Dudleys with double shoulder blocks and double elbow drop, D-Von pins him for a two-count. Bubba’s back in, hits him with a bionic elbow, but gets caught running into the corner. Big E on the top turnbuckle for some reason, gets caught and hit with a superlex that rattles the entire ring. Big E kicks out at two.

Kofi runs in and is nailed with a clothesline; Woods gets on the apron and tossed into the ring by Bubba. Kofi takes advantage of the distraction, and now here come the “New Day stomps” in the corner with Woods accompaniment on trombone.  Bubba’s in trouble, Big E is on the apron grooving to the music. Bubba draped over the apron’s edge…Big E with a massive splash that nearly breaks him in half!

Big E in full control now, going for a pin after a big elbow. Woods playing the ‘Rocky’ theme, much to the crowd’s chagrin. Bubba fighting back with punches and kicks, but Kofi is back on top. Kofi beating down a fallen Bubba now, but gets caught with a nasty full nelson bomb after going for a springboard. Bubba makes the hot tag to D-Von, unloading on Kofi. Flapjack by D-Von, followed by a Lou Thesz press and a big headbutt. The crowd getting pumped, big splash in the corner, and now Bubba is tagged back in. Double neckbreaker on Big E. And now the 3D on Kofi!  One..two…and Woods breaks up the pin for the disqualification.  The Dudleys win by DQ, and the crowd is not happy.

After the match, New Day continued to beat down the Dudleys while celebrating with the trombone.  “One..two..three…GET THE TABLES!!” Only it’s New Day getting out the wood. So much for the “Save the Tables” movement. But the Dudleys fight back, and it’s Woods who is given the 3D through the table!

Travis’ Thoughts: Disappointing finish for a big PPV title match, but at least it keeps this feud going a while longer. Once again the highlight was Xavier Woods on the outside, along with Kofi and Big E’s double team offense. The Dudleys were good performing all the moves we’ve come to expect, but it’s clear that both team are holding back for something more down the line.

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