WWE Night of Champions 2015 Results: Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte


Record-breaking Divas champion Nikki Bella defends the gold at Night of Champions against the woman who was bred for greatness, Charlotte! 

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If Nikki loses the match in any kind of way, she loses the title. Charlotte announced to the ring first, accompanied by Paige and Becky Lynch. All looks good between Team PCB right now, but that could change. Here comes Nikki, holding the Divas title high in the air. Brie and Alicia Fox are by her side, of course, and they’re all looking confident. The “Fearless” one said earlier she wants to hold the belt until next WrestleMania. Could it happen?

Big “whooo” from Charlotte to start the match, but Nikki is playing hard to get. She’s outside the ring doing push-ups, but as soon as she’s back in the ring Charlotte takes control. Nikki with a shoulder block off the apron and Charlotte lands awkwardly, tweaking her knee. She’s noticeably limping but manages to get the upper hand on Nikki. Mule kick by Nikki to Charlotte’s knee, followed by a nasty suplex that caught the bottom ropes. Charlotte’s in trouble, and Nikki is going after the knee, hitting her with a corkscrew leg whip on the outside.

Back in the ring, Nikki with double knees to Charlotte’s leg before putting her in a leglock.  Team BAD is teased backstage, could they somehow interfere in the match? And on who’s side? Charlotte counters out of the hold, but doesn’t have the strength to follow up quickly. She catches Nikki charging in, hitting her with a series of chops. She hits Nikki with a boot to the face and covers her for a two-count.

Charlotte went for a backslide but Nikki kicked her leg and went for pin, getting a two-count. Showing frustration, Nikki with a ground and pound assault, followed by another suplex that catches Charlotte’s leg on the ropes again. Nikki in total control, going for the pin and getting a two-count. Referee checking to see if Charlotte can continue, but she says “yes”. Nikki to the top turnbuckle, but gets nailed by a spear from Charlotte. She’s got the Figure Eight leglock! Nikki tapped out! Charlotte is the new WWE Divas champion, ending Nikki’s record-breaking reign!

Ric Flair is in the ring, celebrating the win with his daughter. Both are in tears and doing the Flair strut. What a great moment.

Travis’ Thoughts: Kind of an awkward match. The ring psychology was good with Nikki going for the leg, and Charlotte sold it well. But the match wasn’t given enough time to build any natural flow, and the ending came absolutely out of nowhere. Not the best these two ladies could do and an underwhelming way to end Nikki’s title run.

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