WWE Night of Champions 2015 Results: Neville and Lucha Dragons vs. Stardust and The Ascension


A six-man tag match kicked off Night of Champions? Were Neville & The Lucha Dragons or Stardust & The Ascension victorious? 

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Freeloaders and WWE Network subscriber teases always get a free match before any special event. In this tag team match, six comic book themed superstars pulled out all the stops in America’s cosmic wasteland: Houston.

Konnor and Victor borrowed Kane or Rey Mysterio’s contact lenses as they resurrected their relevance with their patron saint Stardust.

According to the commentators, the action started with Cole & JBL recalling JBL’s retirement loss to Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 25. Meanwhile, the Lucha Dragons flew around the ring attacked the Ascension until Konnor said enough, laid out Kalisto so Stardust could have his way. The Cosmic Wasteland continued with frequent tags as the commentary team talked about all things Houston until they paid attention to Kalisto walking on his hands.

Neville and the Lucha Dragons gained the upperhand and got their opponents to the outside where all three members did flips/moonsaults to the outside. Stardust surreptitiously tagged in Viktor who sneak-attacked Kalisto, followed by Konnor entering to impose his will. Stardust entered as the crowd started cheering for Neville. Kalisto turned the tide with an acrobatic reversal and got Neville in for the hot tag. Neville hit a second rope modified Red Arrow, but Ascension interference broke up the pin as all six superstars rumbled, eventually leaving Neville and Stardust in the ring.

Stardust sacrificed Viktor by pushing him into Neville that left him vulnerable for a Queen’s Crossbow.

Winners: Stardust & The Ascension

What I Saw

This match received a lot of time to breathe and tell a story making it an above average kickoff match. The commentary team did not fully get into the match until the hot tag which hurt the grade. The Cosmic Wasteland made their presence felt and seemed to dominate the match as they popped more visually. Stardust sacrificing Viktor to land his finisher on Neville was a unique ingredient that also adds intrigue to what else Stardust could do to The Ascension for the greater good. The Lucha Dragons were an afterthought as Neville made his presence felt, but I don’t remember when Sin Cara was even in the match. Eventually the Dragons need to talk or force their way into a storyline to climb the tag team ladder.

Grade: B

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