Becky Lynch’s Irrelevance in the WWE Divas Revolution Should Have Been Expected


Becky Lynch got called up to the main roster in July with a ton of fanfare. However, her luster has faded over time and it was correctly addressed on Raw.

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We’ll get to it quickly. What Paige said about Becky Lynch on Raw this week was true—the former no. 1 contender for the NXT Women’s Championship is irrelevant. It’s unfortunate but true and should have been expected to happen all along.

Back in May, I posted a piece on how Becky became a star at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable. She put on the greatest performance of her WWE career in a match against Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship despite coming up in a losing effort.

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From there, Lynch lingered around NXT for the next two months until she was surprisingly involved in the group of call ups with Sasha and Charlotte. Her debut was hot, along with the other two Divas.

Then the factions were created and with nine Divas in one program, someone was bound to be lost in the shuffle, likely one of the new Divas. It would turn out to be Becky.

Since Becky, Charlotte and Sasha arrived to the main roster, the latter two have received a much bigger spotlight.

Charlotte has taken one notable pinfall, and that was to Naomi at the SmackDown taping last month, which was a botched finish. However, most people don’t remember that by now. Charlotte has also been pushed since she’s the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair.

The Nature Girl’s talent can’t be questioned, though. She’s come a long way in the ring over the years and can put on a very good match. Her promo skills have come along, too. Plus her presence is unlike any of the other Divas.

Sasha’s Team B.A.D. have taken a ton of pinfalls. However, they’re all from Naomi and Tamina, who have been fodder for this Divas Revolution. Banks has been noticeably protected by WWE Creative in matches. She hasn’t had a lot of time on the microphone for some reason but WWE knows they have something special in her.

Then there’s Becky. She’s very good in the ring and can hold her own with Sasha and Charlotte. WWE hasn’t given her time to speak, though. She proved she has the ability to cut a promo in NXT on multiple occasions.

Becky started off strong in the Divas Revolution, picking up a bunch of wins and even getting time on the mic. Gradually, though, the little focus she was getting shifted away like it did to others (Brie Bella, Naomi, Alicia Fox). It caused Becky to become a substitute, a sideline player for this storyline. This shift in focus should have been expected, as nine Divas being in the spotlight all at once wasn’t going to last.

It would come down to Nikki Bella, Charlotte and Paige getting the air time. Nikki and Charlotte because of their feud for the WWE Divas Championship and Paige with her growing frustration that turned into a pipe bomb on Raw.

Throughout all of this, Becky remained silent. Barely if any mic time was given to her (and she can speak) and she has barely wrestled on TV. Since Aug. 31, Lynch has wrestled on TV just three times—on Aug. 31’s Raw, Sep. 1’s SmackDown taping and Sep. 15’s SmackDown taping. The latter two were in a losing effort.

During this time, Sasha has wrestled in seven TV matches (including last night’s Main Event taping). Charlotte has wrestled five times, two of which for the Divas Championship. Add in the significant mic time she’s received and she leapfrogs Sasha and Becky by a mile.

To reiterate, this all means that Becky has become lost in the shuffle and the situation isn’t changing for her anytime soon. She’s still closely aligned with Charlotte on Team CB and may remain that way for a while. You could argue this is a good thing because it keeps her with the Divas Champion or bad since she’ll be playing second fiddle.

Now with Charlotte, Nikki and Paige seemingly vying for the title at WWE Hell in a Cell next month, it leaves Becky without anything to do. We’ll see her standing side by side with Charlotte on TV for the foreseeable future, wrestle a few meaningless matches and go from there. It’s unfortunate because Lynch is talented.

Maybe she belongs back in NXT.

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