WWE Hell in the Cell 2015 Results: Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella


The Divas Championship was on the line at Hell in the Cell. Who walked out of Staples Center victorious.

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301 days can go just like that. And it can feel like ages ago or just like yesterday. Nikki Bella doesn’t care about either and Team Bella is out to get back what has been theirs for most of 2015. However, as NXT has taught us, the future is now and we have Charlotte.

What transpired at Hell in the Cell? Here’s a breakdown of the match, feedback and an academic grade, because you have to study if you want to make it in this business.

What Went Down

Even Michael Cole loved the fact that no other Divas were present at ringside. After some initial grappling, Charlotte landed a neckbreaker and some right hands on the turnbuckle and in the center of the ring. However, Nikki blasted Charlotte with her trademark forearm, landing Charlotte out of the ring. The women then went Bray Wyatt/Roman Reigns on each other outside the ring.

Nikki brought Charlotte back into the ring and stretched her back followed by a snap-suplex. The challenger tried attempted a few pins and maintained the upper hand as Charlotte tried to retaliate. Nikki continued to methodically stress Charlotte’s back and legs. Nikki slingshot Charlotte into the ropes. Charlotte momentarily fought back, but Nikki none of it capped off with a spinebuster and another attempted pinfall.

Nikki proceeded to scold Charlotte, which led to an exchange of Flair chops. Nikki missed coming off the ropes and hurt her knee, which allowed Charlotte to hit a neckbreaker, however, Nikki again took Charlotte to the corner and attempted a superplex only for Charlotte to flip out of it and Nikki land on her back stunned. Charlotte then hit the spear and went for a Figure-Eight, however all the damage to her back prevented her from getting a full bridge, and Nikki got to the ropes. Nikki then pulled Charlotte outside and hit an Alabama Slammer on the apron catering in some “holy s***” chants from the crowd. Nikki got Charlotte into the Rack Attack, but Charlotte reversed into a Figure-Eight willing a full bridge to where Nikki had no choice, but to tap out.

What I Saw

This was vicious, hard work put in by both women with great ring psychology. They fought like men more than ‘divas’ and we even got some blood on Charlotte. Yes, there were occasional “We Want Sasha” chants, but the longer the match went on, the more invested the crowd became. Both women belonged and left it all in the ring. Post-match Becky Lynch and Paige ran down the aisle to congratulate Charlotte, but that hurt the grade a little, because the crowd may have expected Paige to turn yet again. Maybe tomorrow. Nice Paige cancels out her recent pipebombs, which had some edge.

A- match only, otherwise B with celebration

Evan Wecksell is a touring comedian who has appeared on VH1, Conan and WWE.com. His WWE-sanctioned child Beckett Sage wants to meet Sasha Banks.

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