Finn Balor-Led Balor Club Stable Would Be Revolutionary in WWE


A stable led by Finn Balor on the main roster could be a game-changer for WWE.

For the past week, rumors have run wild about top New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) stars heading to WWE. The group includes AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows.

Of that quartet, Styles, Anderson and Gallows were part of NJPW’s Bullet Club stable, the most popular group in the company. They rose to relevancy when a talent named Prince Devitt formed the faction. You may know him now as Finn Balor in WWE.

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Since arriving in 2014, fans have wondered when a Balor Club would be present in WWE. He received a merchandise line of “Balor Club” shirts last year as that’s the closest thing that the company could do since the name “Bullet Club” is owned by NJPW.

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Well, with all these NJPW stars likely coming to the United States, it’s possible a Balor Club actually happens.

A stable led by Balor on the main roster could make an impact that has been rarely seen by other factions. While WWE hosts their fair share of them right now (League of Nations, The Authority, The Wyatt Family, Social Outcasts), the Balor Club would top them all. The group would have the potential to run over WWE and become one of the greatest factions seen in WWE.

A debut is key to any new stable because it’s all about the first impression made.

The Shield ran over WWE the second they stepped foot in an arena by attacking Ryback at WWE Survivor Series 2012. They also did this in the main event of the show, making them feel important and “main event worthy” right off the bat.

A bad first impression can be seen by New Day’s debut towards the end of 2014. Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were all stale babyfaces put together into a group and flopped immediately because WWE decided to keep them as good guys. It caused the “New Day rocks” chants to turn into “New Day sucks” quickly.

For a Balor Club debut, they would have to make a Shield-like impact or similar to the Nexus. The latter group trashed everything when they arrived in 2010, taking out a big name in John Cena while obliterating the ring.

Balor Club wouldn’t have to do this, but to be taken seriously, they would have to and probably will be involved in a segment with top stars. They could be babyfaces (they are going to get a huge reaction upon debut) and take on The Authority. This group could finally be the ones to take down Triple H and company to instill a new power.

As heels, they would maybe have to do something Nexus-like. To be considered a major player, attacking a top dog is required. Taking down someone like Roman Reigns the night after WrestleMania 32. This could establish the group, and Balor in particular, as main-eventers.

Obviously, the former Prince Devitt would be the leader of the group. It doesn’t only have to do with him being the old leader of Bullet Club in NJPW, but that he’s the only one previously known to the WWE audience out of him, Anderson, Styles and Gallows.

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  • Balor would also get the immediate rub as a contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He would lead the attack on Reigns and set up a feud for the belt. The first match could come at WWE Extreme Rules with Finn winning the title.

    The push for the NXT Champion coming upon debut makes sense. He’s already 34-years-old and there is a fear of his body breaking down soon due to 16 years of wrestling (h/t Wrestling Inc). Making Balor a main event talent now rather than later would be logical.

    As for the whole group, the potential is great.

    Balor’s potential has already been touched upon. He would be the leader of the group, headlining shows and winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

    Anderson and Gallows would have a similar role to what they have been doing in Japan. They could be placed into the tag team division and win the WWE Tag Team Championship off whoever the current holders would be. Maybe not the New Day if they’re still heels as well as Balor Club. However, if it’s on a team like The Usos, a change could easily be made.

    Anderson is a solid ring worker but Gallows has the size that is unique to other tag teams. He stands at 6′ 8”with the only person able to rival him being Colin Cassady who is still in NXT, for now. The former Straight Edge Society member could run through the likes of The Lucha Dragons, the Social Outcasts (if they enter the Tag Team Championship hunt) and The Ascension. The latter two aren’t threats, so it’s possible there is little competition for the Balor Club team.

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    Then there’s Styles, arguably the best in-ring worker of the group. He has elite talent and may not even be part of a Balor Club if and when he debuts.

    However, giving the former TNA star a run with the WWE Intercontinental Championship could give the belt added prestige. Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens have done a nice job giving the title a boost for the past four months, but Styles could put on elite matches (if given the time) to show how much the IC title really matters. He could even be a leading force in unifying that belt and the WWE United States Championship.

    If Styles isn’t part of the group, he should be a main-eventer.

    Then there is the chance of a Balor Club taking over merchandise sales.

    As seen with the Bullet Club, their shirts, bandanas, and other gear fly off the shelves on Pro Wrestling Tees. If a Balor Club is created, merchandise sales are likely to take off. WWE has to be aware of how well Bullet Club merchandise sales are for them. This could mean multiple Balor Club shirts, hats, and other accessories are created to capitalize on popularity. Given how well Kevin Owens’ t-shirt sales are doing, despite being a heel, this shouldn’t make WWE hesitate on banking on a bad guy group.

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    Finn Balor’s Balor Club could be coming to WWE very soon. With the way how things are going, don’t be surprised if they arrive the night after WrestleMania 32.