WWE: The Problem with Triple H’s Absence from Raw


With Triple H appearing at other events outside of WWE television, some wonder why he isn’t taking time off to sell the injuries from the Roman Reigns attack at last month’s TLC.

It has been a few weeks since we last saw Triple H on WWE television, which would usually be meant to sell how brutal of a brutal of an attack he suffered at the hands of Roman Reigns at last month’s TLC pay-per-view.

While it’s expected that he would not be on television to sell the storyline injuries, there has been some discussion of whether him making the appearance at the NXT Takeover event in the U.K. and that is understandable since he built the way WWE developmental system is perceived. There’s also making a public statement about the death of Motörhead lead singer Lemmy Kilmister. The problem fans should have shouldn’t be about the fact that he was still making appearances, but how he was appearing.

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Obviously, WWE fans understand that Triple H is no longer a full-time active superstar and that means that his body is not going to recover like it has in the past. In addition to that, Triple H is also pretty much the next in line when Vince McMahon decides to retire – well, Mr. McMahon is going to someday despite how none of us can accurately predict when that will be.

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The fans have to understand that Triple H is going to be visible in other facets while technically injured. It’s not like WWE.com is going to post an article saying they contacted Triple H for comment on the New Japan Pro Wrestling rumors with something along the lines of “AHHHHH EVERYTHING HURTS!”

But there has to be some signs of being hurt, like his arm in a sling or favoring his ribs after the vicious spears from Reigns. It goes back to a discussion about how the concept of kayfabe – portraying the character 24 hours every day while out in public outside the ring – not being held to the same standard as the superstars from the 1990s and all the way back to the earliest days at the carnivals.

We know it’s scripted, but fans love to have consistency in the storylines – it’s one of the biggest pet peeves that have been a major complaint among folks like myself. So having Triple H not look like he was still in some form of pain, at least a little bit of discomfort, is not meeting that expectation of a good overall television product from WWE.

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Because he has appeared at other events, we’re left to wonder when we are going to see Triple H return to get revenge. That’s not to say the current storyline feud with the McMahon family hasn’t been interesting, but there has to be some conclusion coming between Reigns and the Game at some point – right?

Maybe we will see Triple H and Reigns face each other at WrestleMania as the final main event match where the Game can pass the torch to Reigns as one of the next stars of the current generation and that’s what many of us want to see him come back soon. I mean if Triple H isn’t showing signs of the wear and tear recently.