Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch at WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Could Break New Ground for Divas


With Charlotte and Becky Lynch likely heading towards one more match at Royal Rumble, there should be something added to it, which could lead to bigger things down the line.

On Monday’s episode of Raw, Charlotte is expected to answer Becky Lynch’s challenge for a WWE Divas Championship match at WWE Royal Rumble. Lynch put this out there on last Thursday’s episode of SmackDown because she wants to settle the score with her former friend.

For almost two months now, this feud has been building between these two. Charlotte had been showing heel tendencies after taking on actions from her father, Ric Flair, in the ring. This led to the Irishwoman becoming more annoyed by the day with the Nature Girl’s actions.

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Then came a match on Raw two weeks ago. After Becky defeated Charlotte with a taste of her own medicine, the latter snapped.

This led to a title match three nights later on the USA Network debut of SmackDown. Charlotte would retain by using the ropes for leverage when she attempted the pinfall.

So we have seen multiple matches between these two that are standard one-fall bouts. Another one of these occurring at Royal Rumble wouldn’t make sense because we have seen it already. Given the animosity between them, how about a stipulation gets added to this along with the WWE Divas Championship being on the line?

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With a Last Man Standing Match already on the Royal Rumble card, a No DQ match between Charlotte and Becky could be made. This would let them take out their frustrations on each other around the ring and at ringside without anything holding them back.

However, this is more about the big picture, though.

In Oct. 2015, we saw Sasha Banks and Bayley main event NXT TakeOver: Respect in an Iron Man Match. They would go on to put on an instant classic and show how great women’s wrestling can be. It was also the first time since the days of the Trish Stratus-Lita rivalry in the mid-2000’s that the women were given a chance.

While the Divas on the main roster are getting a better opportunity than usual, there is still more that can be done. They won’t be headlining a pay-per-view anytime soon, but if WWE is serious about changing the perception of their women talent, they will start presenting them on in a more positive fashion.

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A step forward would be letting Charlotte and Becky do something beyond the usual. Even if No DQ matches don’t produce the highest quality of contests, let them have the chance to do something new. We saw how the former NXT Women’s Champion’s feud with Paige went late last year. They wrestled a handful of standard matches that brought nothing new to the table. How many times can they go one on one for the title without something being done to change things up? It bored the fans by the time the feud ended and, if anything, everyone wanted the heel in Paige to go over because Charlotte became a boring babyface.

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Despite WWE undergoing a Divas Revolution in the summer of 2015, there is still a lot of work to be done to improve the reputation