Should AJ Styles Have a WrestleMania 32 Match?


One of the hottest free agents in wrestling has finally set foot in a WWE ring, after a 15-plus year career, AJ Styles has made his debut.

When it was announced that WWE was interested in signing AJ Styles, along with Shinsuke Nakamura, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, it was a massive shot in the arm for the company. All four men were big stars in New Japan Pro Wrestling and were coming off the back of their biggest show of the year in Wrestle Kingdom 10. To hear them being talked about as potential WWE signees was a bit of a shock to most people, to finally see one of them in a WWE ring was even more of a shock, AJ Styles is finally here in WWE!

Going forward though one question stands out, Should AJ Styles have a WrestleMania 32 match? Yes is the answer to that question, just not in a match that many people would like to see him star. There are so may dream matches that WWE could throw him into, with a whole host of men who would match up pretty well against the style that AJ brings to the table.

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The only potential problem with the whole situation may be the fact that all the marquee matches will probably already have been decided for Mania. AJ may have to settle for a spot in one of the matches that seems to have become a staple of WreslteMania, the multi-man, Intercontinental title Ladder Match.

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With Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens locked in a war over the belt during the last few months it will soon be time to draw others into the mix to set up a big match for the belt at Mania. Men like Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper and Cesaro could easily, and believably, be added to the match. Even one of his fellow new signees, Nakamura, could end up in the match. The man who needs to head into it as the favourite should be AJ Styles, though.

When you look at how WWE (see Vince McMahon) has booked men who did big things outside WWE in the past there’s probably no chance of him being thrown into the World Heavyweight title picture anytime soon. Over the years Styles has wowed audiences around the world, he’s more than capable of mixing with the men at the top of the card, I just sadly don’t think that will happen.

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Styles is capable of being one of the biggest stars that WWE will have in 2016. Booking him sensibly he can become one of the much-needed stars that the company is so desperate for. The fans will get behind him, he can become a massive babyface or be a heel outsider, he will more than back it up in the ring.

With AJ in the match, it will offer a different option to win. It will offer the chance for the Phenomenal One to steal the show. It will offer him the chance to win his first gold in a WWE ring. A man the calibre of Styles has held gold wherever he has wrestled and should be holding it in WWE. He should not only be in the match, he should also win it.

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Coming out of the back of the match you can line up so many feuds. AJ vs. Nakamura has made money in the past. AJ vs Owens would produce some of the best matches you’ll ever see in a WWE ring. AJ vs. Cesaro is a dream match that would go down in history. AJ vs Ambrose is a match that has never happened before that would add more than a little bit of intrigue.

In short, coming out of the back of WrestleMania, AJ Styles needs to be your WWE Intercontinental Champion. Book it, Vince!