Total Divas Season 5, Episode 2 Recap: John Cena Changes His Mind, SummerSlam Controversy


What happened during Tuesday night’s episode of Total Divas?

The second episode of season five of Total Divas is here. Last Tuesday’s show saw the return of the hit reality series and featured a love triangle between a few big names. Would anything transpire from that this week?

The episode opens with Brie and Nikki talking about John Cena not having an issue with the love triangle involving Dolph Ziggler. The Showoff stated in the previous show that he “wanted to have Nikki’s babies”.

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Nikki brings up the marriage question to Cena, who was against it before. He then says he would love to marry her, changing his mind. Mr. HLR also reiterates how he doesn’t want to have kids.

About halfway through the show, the Bella Twins do a reading seminar. They were supposed to do this with The Miz but Ziggler replaced him, causing some controversy.

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The Divas Revolution is beginning at the women are being better showcased on WWE programming. We see Paige getting excited for what’s to come. However, Natalya is at home resting with her husband Tyson Kidd who is dealing with a serious neck injury that he suffered during a dark match with Samoa Joe.

Kidd underwent testing to see how his neck was doing from the surgery. Cesaro joins him and Natalya in the room. Cesaro and Kidd were tag team partners at the time of the injury.

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Natalya gets conflicted over whether to go back on the road with WWE to be part of the Divas Revolution. She wants to be home with her husband, but Kidd tells her that it’s fine for her to go. Natalya goes to New York City for the events going on (this was during SummerSlam week), but gets told she will not be part of any of the events and doesn’t want to be a spectator.

There was a bit of drama between Paige and Alicia Fox over something that wasn’t supposed to be told to everyone. This leads to Fox avoiding Paige, ignoring her, and unfollowing her on social media.

During the three-team SummerSlam match, Paige plays up her personal issues with Alicia in the ring. They confront each other backstage after the match is over.

To close the show, Nikki is seen talking about her situation with Cena with Brie and Natalya. Paige and Alicia are seen talking about their issue, with the former apologizing.

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