Why Did Roman Reigns Get Placed in the WWE Fastlane Main Event?


How can we make sense of Roman Reigns being in the WWE Fastlane main event?

On the Jan. 25 edition of Raw, Stephanie McMahon came out to close the show with the WWE Fastlane main event announcement that was teased all evening. She had said The Authority was “evaluating” the Superstars for a spot in the big match that will determine Triple H’s opponent for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 32. Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose was set as the headliner.

Only 24 hours after losing the title at WWE Royal Rumble did the Big Dog receive his rematch.

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Now, ever since this came out, fans have been baffled over the logic of this decision from the angle of all three Superstars. Our own Carl Gac also dove into the topic hours afterwards.

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We’re going to stick to Reigns here, though, since he has been the focus of this storyline. It leads us to the question of how exactly does it make sense to give him a shot at headlining WrestleMania 32?

Roman and The Authority hate each other, right? They have had tension for months and arguably for 18 months since Seth Rollins ended The Shield. Triple H has tried making Reigns his “guy” since the Architect went down with a knee injury in Nov. The offer would get declined, but the former football player gave an even louder response when he absolutely annihilated the Game to close WWE TLC. Chair shots and a vicious spear to the floor put out the WWE COO for six weeks until he made his return at the Royal Rumble.

At the PPV, Triple H would go on to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, previously held by Reigns. Vince McMahon had forced him to put it on the line in this match in an unprecedented move. He wanted to do anything possible to take the belt off the future headlining man, and he achieved it.

So why give him another chance? Why even let Reigns sniff an opportunity at winning back the belt that The Authority wanted him to lose so badly? Why let the man who absolutely pummeled the head Authority figure at TLC get a chance to put his hands on him again?

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This isn’t a rematch clause being put in place for the title belt. Yes, he has to go through Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose to get to Triple H, but why even risk him winning? The Authority could have put Lesnar vs. Ambrose or inserted a third man to replace Reigns in this match. Even the Lunatic Fringe getting a chance after all he has been through with them doesn’t make sense. The same goes for the Beast Incarnate, whose advocate, Paul Heyman, had words with the McMahon’s multiple times over the past few weeks.

The only way for this to work or have some type of payoff is for Reigns to turn on Ambrose or vice verse. We know the latter option probably isn’t going to happen, so it leaves us with option two. It doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen either with John Cena and Randy Orton, two top babyfaces, out.

Reigns is the heavy favorite to win the match, so he will pin one either Lesnar, who’s going to probably face Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania, or Ambrose, who could face Chris Jericho for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at the show. Someone is going to come out looking not-so-good from this match unless some crafty booking comes into play, which WWE isn’t known for doing.

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So what’s the answer to the question?

Roman Reigns being in the Fastlane main event makes no sense.