How WWE is Wasting The New Day


The New Day have held the WWE Tag Team Championships since last August, but recently they have been wasted by WWE.

The New Day are one of the most entertaining acts in WWE right now. They have held the WWE Tag Team Titles since Aug. 23rd last year, winning them for the second time from the Prime Time Players. New Day have brought back the Freebird Rule, meaning all three members of the group are recognised as the champions, and any combination of them can defend the belts. Most of the time it’s Kofi Kingston and Big E that wrestle when the belts are on the line, with Xavier Woods (and Francesca the trombone) running interference on the outside.

Since winning the gold, they have defended against The Dudley Boyz, The Lucha Dragons and The Usos but have never been beaten for the belts. At times, they have been booked in the main event slot on Raw but have never been given the opportunity to look too strong. This past week on WWE’s flagship TV show they were up against Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in the main event slot but were only cannon fodder for two of the men who are apparently seen as challengers for Triple H’s World Heavyweight Championship.

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There’s no shame of being part of the main event in that style, but when they are only there because there’s nobody else for the babyface pairing to face, that’s when it becomes a problem. New Day more than entertained the crowd, their usual pre-match routine always brings a smile and gets the fans into their act, but they then lose the match for no real reason. WWE needs to protect their champions, not have them lose out in a nothing match.

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The state of the tag team ranks isn’t much better for New Day either. Aside from The Usos and The Dudley Boyz, nobody has been built up as massive baby faces to face the champions. Jimmy and Jey have decent matches each week but never look like the challengers that WWE wants them to be. The Dudleyz have been badly misused since they returned. At one point they looked like they may win the titles but WWE never pulled the trigger on that happening. Now, there is nobody on the main roster who would be credible challengers, let alone a tag team that are worthy of taking the belts away from New Day.

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When the New Day first debuted as a trio they were meant to be portraying a preacher style church group, which didn’t work out too well for them. The crowd wasn’t even close to getting into them. Slowly they started to make their own changes to the group and eventually have become the awesome trio that we know and (aren’t supposed to) love. If they hadn’t made those changes they would never have risen to the level that they have. Whether the characters we now know would have come to fruition if they had carried on in the direction that WWE creative first wanted them too is debatable, but you could probably say if they were still Gospel preachers they probably wouldn’t be in the spot they are.

With WrestleMania just around the corner, the tag team division is desperate for a good showing on the biggest show of the year. With the options currently at the WWE’s disposal, the New Day should not be losing those belts anytime soon. The only team that could possibly take the titles would be The Dudley Boyz. Around the time of WrestleMania is the 20th anniversary of Bubba and D-Von becoming a tag team, that may mean they are the next in line for the belts.

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In the current climate, The New Day are too good for the division they rule over. They have no natural successors as champions and they have no need to drop the belts. WWE has a ridiculously stagnant tag division right now. Throwing New Day into the main event mix is a good idea, but not if you’re going to job them out to guys that you’re desperately trying to get over.

The New Day are the standard bearers for Tag Teams in WWE. They need to be treated that way and given the chance to try and build up some other teams to face them. When they eventually do lose the titles it will only feel like a disappointment, the team that beats them needs to be a worthy winner but right now nobody is worthy of that win.