WWE Booking Bo Dallas as a Rapper Would Be Bad Move


The way the WWE creative team has handled talents in the past causes a bit of concern they may try to make Bo Dallas’ rap career a full-time endeavor.

From previous experience watching the world of professional wrestling, specifically World Wrestling Entertainment, sometimes a gimmick or character is born based on something becoming popular. There is fear in what the WWE creative team attempts to change someone into something different because of something that got a bit of publicity.

A few weeks ago on Monday Night Raw, Bo Dallas got a lot of attention after taking on hip-hop superstar Flo-Rida in a battle rap. It was a corny rap where he really only “won” because the actual rapper didn’t really do much or get a reaction. Now, I fear that there is a chance that the WWE writers are going to try to get Dallas to rap in more of a full-time role.

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The big hint to that was this past Monday when the other three members of the Social Outcasts talking about how Dallas was absent to record a new rap album (although reports are him, his brother and father had a family emergency).

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While Dallas being goofy, along with the rest of the members of the Social Outcasts stable, is hilarious, rapping just isn’t the right thing to do. The problem is that no one really looked like a winner in that segment; it actually felt more awkward than anything else where Flo-Rida looked unprepared and Dallas’ friends were louder than anyone else in the building.

Sometimes, gimmicks have been created based on little things that were born out of things becoming viral. In the 1990s, the horror of the Shockmaster’s debut led to Fred Ottman’s future in World Championship Wrestling being booked as someone clumsy. In the WWE, Damien Sandow was given the gimmick of the Miz’ stunt double after months of him dressing up as other superstars as a comedy role.

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These types of gimmicks have no long-term future in WWE and for the creative team to book him in something just to get more laughs because it did one time will just put a nail in the coffin of Dallas’ WWE future. It’s already bad they pretty much dropped the inspirational speaker gimmick because it worked well for him in NXT and the first few weeks on the main roster.

It’s curious to see how the Social Outcasts are going to be booked in the future, but it’s best to let Dallas just have his natural quirkiness take over. He doesn’t need to be a rapper, rock star or something else that is just silly. There’s no need to really do anything else but let these guys just be themselves in the ring and on the microphone; the fans are interested to see what they’re going to do with their opportunity.

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So consider this an open letter to the creative staff; don’t overdo things with Dallas or any WWE talent for that matter. They have to be given a chance to succeed with a current gimmick before you go adding things without letting them seem like you’re impulsively reacting to some non-wrestling websites talking about your product for “defeating” an award winning hip-hop artist.