Could Goldberg Help Save WWE WrestleMania 32?


It has been more than a decade since Goldberg entered the WWE ring at WrestleMania XX, but what if he could return for one last run in time for WrestleMania this year.

The truth about this year’s WrestleMania 32 is that there is a possibility of not having enough big names to attract that record crowd the WWE wanted to establish when they booked this year’s event at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. So naturally, some fans are going to start thinking of who the company can call in for a short run.

Back in Jan., rumors started to hit the internet that the WWE was looking at bringing in Bill Goldberg – known best by just his last name. According to the folks at Daily Wrestling News back in late-January, the believe was that the WWE initially wanted a one-year contract that was later reduced to about a six-month deal that would start in time for WrestleMania.

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While we don’t know how much stock to put into this nearly one month later, it can help bring some more excitement to a WrestleMania that is struggling with injuries. While he’s getting up in age at 49, he looks like he has kept himself in decent shape and could at least put on a good five to 10-minute match to get started if his contract is good for six months to go through SummerSlam.

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Some fans might not be too keen on that idea since his last WrestleMania match against Brock Lesnar is quite arguably one of the worst matches in WWE history. Then again, that was during a time where both men were on their way out of the company and didn’t really have a reason to put a lot of effort to provide the fans with what would have been a dream match.

Now some time has passed and maybe more mature minds will prevail to make sure the fans are not left feeling like a great opportunity has passed. Sure, there are concerns with bringing in a WCW veterans since the WWE creative team didn’t really do much justice for Sting over the past year.

However, if you grew up watching Goldberg in the 1990s [author raises hand], you know that it’s Goldberg – it’s hard to make him look weak. On top of that, it would be quite easy to have the man known best for starting his WCW run at 173-0 to have a winnable match against Ryback; mostly because the younger star in WWE is looking more like the second coming of Goldberg.

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WWE could use the star power and it wouldn’t be someone as predictable as the Rock or Steve Austin. To be honest, the return of Goldberg could come as a surprise to some fans and it would once again prove that you can truly say “never say never” when it comes to the WWE – just look at the Ultimate Warrior’s return and the burying of the hatchet between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart.

With all of that in mind, many of us who watched Goldberg as a child would love to hear the beat of those familiar drums, the powerful horns and Goldberg standing in the middle of flying sparks before delivering a war cry to pump up the crowd. That’s a good way to get 100,000 or more fans excited.