How Dean Ambrose Winning the WWE Championship at Roadblock is Unlikely


Dean Ambrose will face Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Mar. 12, but don’t get too excited for the upset victory.

With their match being official for the Roadblock event March 12, Dean Ambrose has the interesting opportunity to challenge Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. While it’s never easy to predict the unpredictable Lunatic Fringe in Ambrose, it seems weird to have a feud between the two start this past Monday night on Raw.

In one corner we have Dean Ambrose, one of the most popular superstars to be over within the WWE Universe and is already booked for a No Holds Barred Street Fight with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 on April 3. Obviously, the WWE wants to keep Triple H active with his WrestleMania challenger, Roman Reigns, is “out with an injury.”

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There’s a lot to like about having Ambrose in the championship picture, but there’s a lot of reasons why it’s more likely to upset WWE fans on the final leg of the Road to WrestleMania. The first thing to consider is that Ambrose has fallen into the old saying of “often the bridesmaid, never the bride.”

How many times have we seen the truly one-of-a-kind Ambrose have the opportunity to reach that main event spotlight with a key victory – either for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship or a number-one contender spot – and crash, oftentimes literally, in a blaze of glory? While the fans win either way when he and Seth Rollins are fighting each other, one starts to lose faith that Ambrose can capture the brass ring.

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Then you consider how having Ambrose winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship would create mandatory changes that would probably put the entire WWE creative team into a crazy frenzy. Is Ambrose going to defend the championship against Reigns in a brother-vs-brother buildup, or could we see a last minute triple-threat with Ambrose defending against Triple H and Reigns.

What about Lesnar and that Street Fight? Would Ambrose have to pull something similar to Daniel Bryan from WrestleMania 30 where he fought Triple H and then was entered into a triple threat with Randy Orton and Batista?

Sure, some of us like to see a little unpredictability within a big pay-per-view card, but this is not an event like Fastlane or Hell in a Cell or a silly gimmick event. This is the Show of All Shows that is hoping – and I mean HOPING – to attract more than 100,000 wrestling fans; it’s hard to sell out a show that doesn’t have a very solid match card.

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Fans would love to see Ambrose win and cause that earlier mentioned chaos; which fits the Lunatic Fringe gimmick, but it’s extremely unlikely. The WWE needs to stay consistent with their booking, which is a big problem with why the entire event is feeling more like a rushed pay-per-view card that takes place just two weeks after the last one.

It might have been the match some would argue should have been the real main event of WrestleMania this year – and the way fans reacted to Ambrose punching Triple H is a perfect “exhibit A” – but it’s going to have a similar output to how Ambrose has done in his previous WWE World Heavyweight Championship matches; a loss that will just crush the hopes and dreams for a number of fans.