WWE Hall of Fame: 5 Current Stars Who Should Be Inducted

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Finn Balor 

Finn Balor is the current face of NXT. He has held the NXT Championship for almost a record breaking period. He is one of the most loved members of the NXT roster. He is one of the best in-ring talents the company has. One day he will waltz into the WWE Hall of Fame, after an epic career.

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Balor, like Kevin Owens, is in the embryonic stages of his WWE career, but looking at the faith placed in him you know that he will be one of the most decorated men in the history of the WWE when he finally walks away from the ring. Having made his name with his matches around the world, Balor (then Prince Devitt) was one of the best in the world on the indy circuit. His time in Japan alone would be enough to see him inducted into a hall of fame, but his WWE career will eventually lift him to the highest of heights in the world of professional wrestling.

Balor was one of the most talked about guys that WWE/NXT has ever managed to sign. Coming in with a big reputation, amongst both his peers and fans alike, could have been a milestone around his neck but Balor has thrived since his NXT debut. Looking at the current landscape of NXT it’s hard to believe he has been with the company for around 18 months. In that time, he has become the hottest property that NXT possesses and in time he will bring that to the main roster as well.

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If the arrival of his former Bullet Club teammates Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson plays out the way it should, then WWE will have a commodity like nothing they’ve seen for a long time in the company. With the right booking, the chance to show his ability on the biggest stage, and the kind of faith that has been shown in him in NXT, then WWE and Finn Balor are a match made in heaven. Finn Balor will one day leave the ring and easily walk into the WWE Hall of Fame.