Will WWE Finally Let Dean Ambrose Loose?


The end to Sunday night’s Asylum Match could mean better things on the horizon for Dean Ambrose.

If Sunday’s match at Extreme Rules showed anything, it showed that Dean Ambrose has proved he’s able to push through the WWE floodgates and continue building up his momentum.

At moments it looked like Ambrose’s wave had finally subsided. His match with Chris Jericho was a repetitive smash-and-grab or loose objects hung above the ring for the better part of 15 minutes before things started to get interesting. But that’s one thing Ambrose has shown time and time again: When he makes things interesting, they get interesting.

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When the Lunatic Fringe climbed to the top of the steel cage, you could sense things were turning around in the match. Still, it wasn’t enough to get the live WWE Universe off their feet. In fact, when Ambrose threw his body off the top of the cage and delivered an elbow to the top of Jericho’s head, it barely raised a ruckus in the crowd. There was a slight “Oh!” but then it was right back to “Oh…”

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Yet, when Ambrose dropped a bag of thumbtacks on the mat, things came alive. And quickly. It was a release months in the making, back to the beginning of the former Shield member’s feud with the Beast, Brock Lesnar – a feud that had an intense build with a whimpering payoff that ended with Ambrose laying defeated in front of 100,000-plus, barely able to put Lesnar through any sort of the hell he promised. It was almost sure that Ambrose would be the one to take the fall onto the emptied bag of thumbtacks Sunday night, but it was even more fitting that he wasn’t. Ambrose showed he could take the punishment – if Jericho’s repeated smacks to the gut with the barbed-wire two-by-four didn’t make your stomach wrench, then I don’t know what would – but it was high time he showed the WWE that he could believably be the one to dish it out, too.

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All this talk about Amrbose’s psychotic history, his “lunatic” mindset, and his chaotic ring antics, but never has this man built on insanity ever looked so frighteningly destructive. Jericho yelled in pain while Ambrose smirked and walked away from the wreckage, finally a monster in his talk and action.

It’s just in time, too. With Seth Rollins returning in the main event to deliver a Pedigree to WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns, a payoff to the Shield feud looks like it’s taking its long-awaited form. Logic says it will last through Summerslam. Hope says Ambrose can carry his momentum into Money in the Bank and cash his way into the title picture in order to complete the longed-after Shield triple threat match that was reportedly supposed to take place at Wrestlemania 32.

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There’s no telling what will happen in the next few months, especially with injuries and the number of recent Superstar disputes backstage. As always with the WWE, there’s more swerves in reality. But for now, WWE could be gearing Ambrose up for another run at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the coming months and he looks ready, especially with being part of the Money in the Bank Ladder match.