WWE Brand Split Could Lead to Multiple Women’s Titles


Could the WWE brand split lead to more titles for the women?

With the announcement Wednesday of the upcoming WWE brand spit, the door of possibilities for the company just got blown open.

There’s a lot of questions: Which superstars are heading to Smackdown and which are staying on RAW? Will there be a World Heavyweight Champion and a WWE champion separately again? Who is taking control of Smackdown? But one of the more interesting opportunities is for the WWE to continue building up its women’s division – a project more than a year in the making.

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The women’s division has started to run into the problem the rest of the roster faces as of late: There’s too much talent and not enough opportunity. Paige, the former face of the division, has wrestled in just one one-on-one match live on Monday Night RAW since late March. The last time Sasha Bank has been in the ring by herself was the day after Wrestlemania. The Boss – a clear fan favorite in the WWE – also hasn’t even been on the main show since April 18.

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While Charlotte has kept the WWE Women’s title picture interesting over the past few weeks, it’s been just about the only storyline happening in the division (except for the scrapped Dana Brooke/Emma reunion on the main roster following Emma’s back injury shortly after). With another two hours of live WWE programming each week and a split roster that guarantees more air time for the rest of the division – at least it promises to nearly double the opportunity – the women’s division has the potential to get a lot more interesting and finally begin utilizing the influx of new NXT talent that has arrived since last summer and before.

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Separate main titles

This move seems like the easiest move to make when July rolls around. Two shows = two titles, right? Hopefully. By giving Smackdown its own, separate version of the WWE Women’s Championship, half the women’s roster can be heading for a new goal and will create a lot more opportunity. Perhaps there can even be a rewind back to how it was before the NXT “invasion” last year. The WWE can use one title to bolster up its Total Divas brand while keeping the hardcore fans happy by giving them a different champion to cheer for. Either way, Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch have to be the favorites for becoming the first ever (second) Women’s title holder. Or at least they’ll be given a shot quickly over a heel who takes it first.

Tag division

The women’s tag team division has been on WWE fans’ minds for quite some time, especially since the pre-Wrestlemania showdown between the company’s three main trios that ensued for months on RAW. Implementing a WWE Women’s Tag Team Division seems like a logical and plausible move except for the fact that the upcoming brand split seems like a solid, no consistently crossing over deal. If the tag team champs are on one show, how will they keep a feud going with a tag team from another? This creates some problems for the logic behind the brand split and may not be an immediate option unless the creative team can think up something good. But in the end, we all know the current WWE roster now has the women to do it.

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So could bringing in multiple titles for the women be the right move?