WWE Didn’t Need to Break Up The Club


Why WWE may have broken up The Club a bit too soon.

Since the arrival of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, AJ Styles has become much more intriguing as a character as well as one of the top two best performers in the WWE.

The fans have clearly rallied behind Styles, Anderson and Gallows reuniting Bullet Club in WWE. In part that was due to fighting the hated Roman Reigns, but the WWE Universe was energized at the sight of a new stable far more formidable than the League of Nations, the Social Outcasts and even New Day.

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On Monday, WWE decided to separate Styles from Anderson and Gallows. From an on camera perspective, it was a little difficult to grasp why Styles would want to disassociate himself from his ‘good brothers.’ They’d done nothing to hurt him since their arrival and have been adamant about wanting to see him become WWE champion. Sure, they interfered and frequently attacked Roman Reigns, but The Usos have been just as guilty in that regard. In the dog eat dog world of the WWE, wouldn’t it make more sense for Styles to have people watching his back?

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Separating the face Styles from his clearly heel allies reflected a more traditional booking approach, but WWE stumbled onto a unique dynamic that was working extremely well. It also hurts that the only impetus was Styles’ sense of honor. That’s fine and all, but it was surprising he didn’t have even a little rage towards the Usos for costing him the title and at least recognizing the strength in numbers.

The timing of the split was questionable as well. Styles lost his WWE title rematch cleanly and with Seth Rollins returning to the scene, his prospects for future title shots in the near future were already limited. Losing a Money in the Bank qualifying match doesn’t help his chances either. Monday Night Raw didn’t offer much in terms of Styles’ next storyline either.

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With Styles phased out of his feud with Reigns, presumably there’s no reason for The Usos and Gallows & Anderson to continue their rivalry. And considering New Day was successful in its tag team title defense against The Vaudevillians, Anderson and Gallows could easily step into a program with the tag champs. And it just so happens New Day is a three man unit…

WWE also seemed to miss out on an evergreen angle whenever Finn Balor gets called up to the main roster. Balor could have challenged Styles for ‘his spot’ and Gallows and Anderson could have turned on Styles for his previous failures to beat Reigns. That would have established a non-WWE title feud that could have legitimately played out for half a year depending on whom Styles aligned with to take on his ex-partners.

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With this seemingly kneejerk demise of The Club, all three come out worse than when they started completely missing the target and point of any decent stable.