Dean Ambrose is Ready for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship


Dean Ambrose will have much to overcome this Sunday, but when has that ever stopped a wrestler on his way to the top of the WWE?

The Lunatic Fringe’s long journey to the top of the WWE mountain has been treacherous and tumultuous. Ambrose nearly left last year’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion – losing on a technicality is about as close as you can come to walking out the champion. Then the former Shield centerpiece was one count away from defeating Triple HHH earlier this year for the belt on the WWE Network’s live special leading up to Wrestlemania 32.

But now Dean Ambrose has another opportunity this Sunday at Money in the Bank to capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, though this time it’s far more difficult. The fan-favorite will have to defeat five other men – Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Chris Jericho, Cesaro, and Alberto Del Rio – in order to first capture the Money in the Bank briefcase, which as we all know, promises a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight title at any time. After that – and only if Ambrose is able to win what has notoriously become a contest with confusing finishes (i.e. Sheamus, Damien Sandow) – Ambrose will have to find an opportunistic time to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and defeat whoever is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the time.

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At the moment, Sunday is already shaping up to be Ambrose’s perfect moment. With the two other former Shield members beating each other to a pulp in the main event, Ambrose will just have to sit and wait for his time to run in with the contract. During Monday Night RAW’s Ambrose Asylum, the Lunatic already called his shot and put challenger Seth Rollins and champion Roman Reigns on notice. Ambrose’s intentions are clear, despite the odds being stacked against him. But what have the odds being stacked against a wrestler ever do to their careers other than make them champions? It’s a trend written pro wrestling’s history book and this time around, Ambrose is the one set on the catapult, ready to be launched back onto the WWE’s throne.

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Sure, this may not be the ideal Shield reunion that WWE’s fans have been pining for since the company’s most dominant faction broke up two years ago, but it sets up the possibility to host the Shield’s long-overdue triple threat match at Summerslam coming up. It’s always been the hope to have the Shield’s matchup take place at a major pay-per-view – many assumed it would happen at this year’s Wrestlemania before Rollins went down with a major knee injury in November. Summerslam is the next best option for a storyline that’s running the risk of fading away before it can properly play out.

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With all things considered, Ambrose’s time is as overdue as the Shield’s triple threat matchup. The Lunatic Fringe has done nothing but draw cheers and cheers since expanding out on his own after Rollins took down the Shield. He’s the only member of the faction yet to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but after his warning on Monday and his opportunity on Sunday,  it’s looking more and more likely that he’ll be the next.