WWE: Time for New Day to Drop the Tag Titles


New Day can still rock even without the titles.

Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods revitalized the stagnant WWE tag team scene. With their over the top and hilarious antics, New Day went from being obnoxious heels to beloved fan favorites. Their popularity helped make them one of the WWE’s most popular acts. But it’s time for new tag team champions to headline the division.

When the division was filled with the same teams like the Usos and Goldust and Stardust, New Day represented welcome fresh faces to the ranks.

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Their power of positivity, Booty-Os pitching and bumping and grinding dance shtick rarely fails to entertain the crowd. The biggest issue is New Day is always so happy and fun-loving they never truly convey the tag titles mean anything besides prop for their dancing.

Consider in NXT where Jason Jordan and Chad Gable aka American Alpha were challenging for the NXT tag titles. When they defeated The Revival at NXT Takeover to become the new NXT champions they were crying and overjoyed that their hard work paid off.

New Day may celebrate title victories, but they never make the belts seem especially essential or indicative of their status as the best in the world. They don’t want to fight and are just fine amusing themselves.

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Based on the Fatal Four Way match at Money in the Bank, New Day faced off against three teams hungry for a position they barely remember beyond their gyrations. And the enhanced WWE tag ranks definitely has some qualified new champion options.

Big Cass and Enzo Amore have the full fan support and they’re white hot right now. If they lose too many chances to capture the gold there’s no guarantee when they do win the belts 2-3 years from now the fans will still be as invested. The duo never did manage to get to the top of the mountain in NXT. Another title chase failure could be disastrous to their future as a team.

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WWE has another nuclear new tag team in Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows fresh off their dominant stint in New Japan. For them to truly matter and not just be another tag team, they need to capture the titles and have a lengthy reign. Cass and Enzo can get by with their charisma for a year, but Anderson and Gallows desperately need the titles to convey to the WWE Universe they are more than just two bald guys with sweet coats.

Like John Cena, New Day has approached a point in the division where the titles are meaningless to them. They’d still show up every Monday or Thursday night on Raw and Smackdown, do their bit and keep the crowd happy.

While the temptation is clearly there to have New Day remain on top — unicorn horns sell better with winners — the new teams represent the future of the division. Having them continually get knocked down by the comedy tag team champs won’t do anyone any favors.

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New Day successfully took a gimmick that could have easily been yet another 3MB or Social Outcast comedy bit and make it into a red-hot act. That warrants a party even without the tag titles.