WWE Rumors: Daniel Bryan Coming Out of Retirement?


A report has suggested that WWE has not closed the door on the idea of Daniel Bryan coming out of retirement to wrestle another match.

After The Miz cut a terrific promo towards Smackdown general manager Daniel Bryan during Talking Smack on Tuesday night, speculation has run rampant over what will happen next between the two sides.

The focus has been on how the promo may ascend The Miz on Smackdown, however, little attention has been paid to Bryan. Bryan gave off the impression of being deeply upset by The Miz’s comments. The Miz reminded Bryan that the leader of the Yes Movement was no longer able to compete for the WWE due to a lack of clearance.

Well, WWE may not have officially closed the door on Bryan returning from retirement to wrestle another match.

According to a report from Forbes, there is a slight chance that Bryan could wrestle again for WWE.

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"According to a source with inside knowledge, WWE has not completely shut the door on a Daniel Bryan return to the ring. Keep in mind, Bryan was cleared by doctors to return to the ring, prior to his retirement announcement, but not by the WWE medical team.As of now, WWE is planning to continue the angle of wrestlers calling out Bryan for his retirement and taunting Bryan for not being able to wrestle. WWE knows it’s a hot button topic with fans and will continue to tease a Bryan return. While, at this time, it still remains unlikely that Bryan returns to the ring in the future, WWE has “not completely shut the door on a Daniel Bryan return to the ring”."

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For as much as the WWE Universe is clamoring for Bryan to return to ring, the biggest hurdle remains the company’s medical staff. While Bryan has received outside clearance to compete, WWE doctors never cleared him for a return. That ultimately was the reason why Bryan retired from in-ring competition in the WWE.

WWE would be taking a huge risk if they clear Bryan to compete again. In the event that Bryan gets injured again, then there could be some legal drama between the two sides. Legal drama that would be similar to the case that former superstar CM Punk brought against WWE’s medical team.

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