WWE NXT: Bobby Roode’s Gloriousness Wasn’t Built Overnight


From an incredible entrance to a remarkable debut, the recent arrival of Bobby Roode on NXT has set crowds in a frenzy. His success prior to joining the WWE has come from a great deal of blood, sweat and tears.

If there was ever a ‘what if’ question that was posed about a wrestler, it had to be about Bobby Roode. What if he was in the WWE? What would happen if he faced John Cena? Well, the questions about a potential arrival for the former champion can now be put to rest. He was first trained by WWE alumni Sean ‘Val Venis’ Morley, and competed early on in not only Canada, but Puerto Rico as well.

When Bobby Roode first appeared at ringside during an NXT Takeover event, the collective wrestling world was ecstatic to see him shown on camera at a WWE event. There was no way to hide the fact that, much like with Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, and AJ Styles, the company was primed to add another key performer from another promotion. Even those unaware of the in-ring prowess he displayed before stepping into an NXT ring will know right from the start that there is something very special about this performer. He was referred to for the majority of his career as the ‘It Factor,’ a term that suggests there is something intangible about him that makes him better than everyone else in the ring. He does possess that special quality that maybe can’t be identified, but is certainly recognized.

Roode began with TNA during its infancy as part of the Team Canada faction led by Scott D’Amore, which included a number of talented stars that went on to have successful careers in the promotion. In fact, another member of the Team Canada faction, Eric Young, turned out to be a valuable commodity for the company. After the faction split, Roode was pushed with a persona that believed he was all that and more. He was armed with looks, the ability to deliver promos, and an incredible ability to both sell and work matches regardless of whom he was in the ring with. The Scarborough, Ontario native began wrestling in 1998, and an astounding near-20 years later, he is now poised to compete for the largest promotion in the world.

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To say he is a decorated champion is putting it mildly. During his time in TNA, he was a two-time TNA champion, TNA King of the Mountain Champion, and an eight-time world tag team champion. As of this writing, he holds the record for the longest reign as TNA champion, 256 days. When Roode left TNA it was akin to AJ Styles leaving, or if Sting was to have left World Championship Wrestling. He announced his departure on March 19th, 2016 after 12 years.  Since then he has appeared for a couple of different promotions, but it was clear that this would only make sense if he made a lateral move. While some may question joining the WWE, Roode’s move made the most sense as not only a performer, but as a husband and a father. Much like fellow TNA alumni Styles, Roode’s move meant he was going to be provided every opportunity to in be the main event like he was in TNA.

When 12 out of your 16-year career was spent with one company, you have committed your time, effort and craft into not only growing as a performer, but growing with the company that has entrusted their time with you. Roode is 39 years old, a father of 3, and a husband. He will be 40 years old this coming January.

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For those that aren’t aware, Roode competed for the WWE in a number of dark matches which later aired on their program Velocity. His career has come full circle. The company that once didn’t see the potential to develop into something more are the same ones that have put him at the head of the class. The reasons are simple; he’s an engaging character that fans can get behind; he is already known and was one of the bright spots of TNA; and fans know what they will get when they see a Bobby Roode match. After all, how can anyone actually argue that he isn’t glorious?