5 Ways Samoa Joe Can Be Used at WWE WrestleMania 33

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Credit: WWE.com

Samoa Joe has created a lot of buzz since debuting on the WWE main roster. But what could be in store for him at WWE WrestleMania 33?

The WWE main roster of Samoa Joe finally happened. It felt like a long time coming for one of the most unique big men in recent professional wrestling history. After being one of the established stars of the NXT brand from 2015 until a few months ago, Samoa Joe is deserving to be pushed into the top-tier of the WWE roster.

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Coming from a background similar to AJ Styles, Samoa Joe should be given a major push within his first year. Whether that will feature a world championship down the road remains to be seen. But considering the WWE decided to pull the trigger on calling Samoa Joe up, there has to be something big planned for him at WrestleMania 33.

After attacking Seth Rollins per the order of Triple H, it looked like the Samoan Submission Machine was going to face the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Fastlane on March 5. However, the untimely knee injury has forced the WWE to call an audible. It could also lead to an audible moving towards Rollins’ plans for a feud with Triple H.

But there are a few options regarding what to have Samoa Joe do in April. It’s actually an interesting situation because a lot of fans didn’t even know when he was necessarily join the main roster; especially when he was nowhere to be seen at the Royal Rumble in January. Maybe the WWE is planning to have him enter a major top-tier program.

The following are five ways Samoa Joe can be utilized for WWE WrestleMania 33 in April.