WWE Payback 2017: Sasha Banks Should Interfere, Help Bayley Beat Alexa Bliss


Sasha Banks continues to stick her nose into Bayley’s business, and this trend should continue at WWE Payback.

Bayley, forever the underdog, has leaned on the help of Sasha Banks a number of times during her Women’s Championship reign. It was through Sasha’s interference that Bayley won the title from Charlotte, to begin with, and her best friend also ensured she retained against the same opponent at Fastlane.

The two barely squared off in the fatal four-way at WrestleMania and have yet to meet one-on-one for the championship.

Banks has teased some heel traits over the past few weeks but they have been subtle, from interfering unprompted at Fastlane to telling Bayley her WrestleMania moment “was over”. Babyfaces not named Eddie Guerrero don’t make a habit of cheating to win.

We’re yet to see any real tension between Sasha and Bayley, who remain best buddies on Raw. Banks again came to her friend’s aid this past Monday. No. 1 contender Alexa Bliss took shots at The Huggable One, but Sasha interrupted to support Bayley and tell Bliss she was going to “shut her up”.

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In this case Sasha can be excused because she had a scheduled match with Bliss, but the same can’t be said of Raw two weeks prior.

Bayley was scheduled to talk about her WrestleMania victory, but Sasha entered the ring first and appeared to be challenging her friend for the title before Bliss interrupted, joining Raw as part of the Superstar Shakeup.

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Banks had no business being out there, again displaying subtle heel traits and providing some backstory. No matter what Bayley does while she’s champion, Sasha is always there.

The same should be true on Sunday, too, and it should be unprompted.

Bayley has the match in hand and looks on course to see off her challenger, but Sasha hits the ring in attempt to “help” her friend, inadvertently getting her disqualified by attacking Bliss.

Bayley would be left frustrated after losing the match, while Bliss wouldn’t take the title and have a strong case to earn a rematch in the future. Sasha apologizes the following night on Raw by simply saying she was trying to help.

The eventual heel turn is coming, but it should be a slow burn as noted last week. For now, Sasha continues to linger in the title picture without actually challenging for the championship. She can even go on to feud with Nia Jax or Mickie James at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, but it’s important Banks remains by Bayley’s side.

When the time is right, she’ll turn on the champ and set up a SummerSlam blockbuster, but until then these heel antics should creep into her persona piece by piece.

By getting involved in Sunday’s Women’s title match, further tension is created between the two friends, while Alexa Bliss walks away with a win even without taking the championship. Bliss has already been a great addition on Raw and should continue to contend for the title until Sasha eventually turns on her friend.

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All is rosy between Banks and her best friend, but Sunday night should lay another clue that change is on the horizon.