WWE Raw: Is a Heel Turn for Goldust in the Works?


Goldust has been taken over by a whole new attitude that could rebirth the career of the 48-year-old veteran of the business.

The Golden Truth, a tag team consisting of R-Truth and Goldust, have not accomplished much in their tenure as a tag team. The team formed about a year ago and has hardly ever entered into title contention. The primary use for their little air time has been used for either quick comedy bits or to job out to performers looking to advance their position on the card.

However, the usually comedic team of veterans have begun to take a more serious approach in recent weeks. The return of The Hardy Boyz has supposedly lit a fire under The Golden Truth to try and turn back the clock.

Goldust has especially taken this matter very seriously. He and R-Truth confronted The Hardy Boyz for a title opportunity and Angle for a title opportunity. However, the best they were given was a tag team turmoil match to determine the new number 1 contenders.

Before the tag team turmoil match, Goldust confronted R-Truth about the reality of their team. Goldust claimed that they have not accomplished anything as a team and have let other teams get the best of them and time again.

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R-Truth seemed to continue to take the matter lightly as he kept putting his headphones back in and kind of brushing Goldust off. Goldust continued to say that he knows he has what it takes, he knows R-Truth has what it takes, and now it is time to show the world that they have what it takes.

Once the tag team turmoil match began, Sheamus and Cesaro dominated just about all of their competition, but they were getting worn out near the end. This was a perfect time for the last team in the match, The Golden Truth, to take advantage and win the match.

Sadly, the reenergized team did not pick up the win, and Sheamus and Cesaro were victorious. Sheamus and Cesaro will now go on to face The Hardy Boyz for the RAW Tag Team Championships.

This loss for The Golden Truth looked like it was going to be their one last chance at relevance as a team, but their dreams were shattered.

WWE could have been using this angle to build a legitimate and fresh face to challenge for the titles so Sheamus and Cesaro could cement their status as dominant heels, or they could be using this angle to build towards the split of The Golden Truth.

My guess is that both thoughts were taken into consideration. The character development in Goldust has given him a very logical reason to split from R-Truth. Goldust has realized that the duo has accomplished nothing together, and their loss on RAW  proved that. It’s also worth noting that R-Truth was the man who ate the pin during that match up, so Goldust could put the blame on him.

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Another thing to take into consideration is the depth of RAW‘s tag team division. They have two top face teams in The Hardy Boyz and Enzo and Cass, two top heel teams in Sheamus and Cesaro and Gallows and Anderson, and The Revival will be right up there once Dash Wilder returns from injury.

The tag division also has Heath and Rhyno, who could easily replace The Golden Truth as enhancement talents for the division. So, it looks as though there really isn’t a place for The Golden Truth as they are right now.

One move would be for both men of the tag team to turn heel out of frustration with their win-loss record, but a more logical route would be for Goldust to turn heel on R-Truth.

With no direction for The Golden Truth after their loss, Goldust turning on R-Truth would bring interest back to the forgotten veterans. With RAW being 3 hours long, they would be able provide and entertaining lower card feud that fans could actually get invested in.

With the separation of the tag team, the two Superstars in their forties would then have the freedom to spend their limited time remaining on the roster as singles Superstars. This angle could be used as a retirement angle or free them up for that angle in the future.

After a lackluster performance as a tag team and the sudden creative effort put into The Golden Truth, it looks like there may be a heel turn for Goldust in the near future. Or, The Golden Truth were just used as enhancement talent for Sheamus and Cesaro, and that angle has finished its course.

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What do you think about the sudden creative interest in The Golden Truth? Do you think the duo will split up? Do you think the duo will get pushed? Do you think nothing will come from this angle? Sound off in the comments below!