Is Shinsuke Nakamura Main Event-Bound After WWE Backlash?


Shinsuke Nakamura is set to do battle with Dolph Ziggler at WWE Backlash 2017. But, are there bigger plans for the Japanese superstar?

With animosity building between Shinsuke Nakamura and Dolph Ziggler, it will all blow off at WWE Backlash 2017. With it being Nakamura’s first televised main roster match, there’s an expectation that it will be an easy win for him. However, the question lies in what comes after.

A likely scenario would see Nakamura continue his feud with Ziggler. However, that may be problematic for both stars. Dragging the feud on may be counterintuitive for Nakamura’s growth and reflect badly on Ziggler’s reputation.

So —that being said — the only way may be up for Nakamura.

And, it would be a smart move for WWE too. Nakamura is a bankable star, and that’s reflected in his merchandise sales, with his new ‘The Vibe’ shirt already a WWE Shop ‘Best Seller’. Continued success for the star could lead to a very lucrative future.

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Right now, Smackdown Live have made it clear who their title (WWE and United States) contenders are. Jinder Mahal (though longevity is uncertain), AJ Styles and Kevin Owens (for the WWE Title) are all viable contenders. Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin could be added to that list but they’re just on the cusp of the main event.

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Nakamura could easily slot into the title picture for either of the titles.

Without a doubt, Nakamura is WWE Championship caliber. But, it may be too soon, as becoming a WWE Championship contender this quickly after his first main roster win may be too big of a leap.

A race for the United States Championship seems more plausible. Also, it’s a guaranteed money match, whether it’s with AJ Styles or Kevin Owens.

Nakamura has had Match of the Year Contenders with Styles, Owens, and Sami Zayn in the past. Any scenario could be seen as a guaranteed dream rematch, ones WWE can be assured will pull in more hardcore wrestling fans.

Interestingly, the state of Styles after WWE Backlash 2017 may affect Nakamura’s somewhat. After their last meeting at NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 10 — which was given 4.75/5 stars by Dave Meltzer — fans are closer than ever for another match between the two.

But, with Styles possibly going on to the WWE Title himself — or back and forth with Kevin Owens — it may mean that as Styles goes one way, Nakamura will go the other.

Though there are several scenarios that we as fans would love to see, there is still uncertainty. Ultimately, almost nothing is known of Nakamura’s state after WWE Backlash 2017. With just over two weeks until the PPV, there are little to no rumors on what is next for the King of Strong Style.

Only we can hope; he is, after all, capable of being a main-event star.

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We can only see in the coming weeks if there is any progress on what Nakamura will do post-Backlash.