WWE Raw: Should Enzo Amore and Big Cass Turn Heel?


Should Enzo Amore and Big Cass turn heel on WWE Raw to garner some momentum and direction for themselves?

The creative team at WWE Raw loves to have Enzo Amore and Big Cass open up a show. They did it with the duo at this year’s Royal Rumble. They mostly do it with these guys before any big match. Most recently, creative did the same thing with these two on prior to this week’s tag team turmoil match. The duo is entertaining on the mic and can wake up the crowd if one is looking for that. Or they used to.

Enzo and Cass have suffered a steady fall in terms of popularity. Moreover, their time on the mic has begun to become annoying and unnecessary at times. When your promos devolve into jokes about poop and different snacks, you know it’s time to rethink the strategy.

However, it is not like Amore can’t talk well on the mic. We don’t know who writes his promos and how much of a say they get in the process. Remember when these two debuted on the main roster on the Raw after Mania a year ago? The two always start their entrance on Raw with the same entertaining phrase. Cheesy as it may, be it catches on with you. The crowd loved it too. That was clearly evident from the time Enzo and Cass did their entire entrance routine without a microphone.

Unfortunately, a series of directionless feuds and storylines began to affect the team soon afterward. Enzo’s shtick with Rusev and Lana was completely illogical and could have probably damaged the team for good. Regardless, they were still entertaining on the mic. Remember the toy story reference they made against The Club during the Halloween edition of WWE Raw?

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From there, Enzo’s promos began to devolve into a series of catch phrases and one liners.  That is where the primary problem lies. For a team that is not consistently winning in the ring, not being consistent on the mic is a big issue. If popularity alone was a factor, Enzo and Cass should have won the tag titles well ahead of The Club. However, that never came into fruition. As of now what could be done to make things better for the Certified G and the Seven-Foot Giant?

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Should WWE turn them heel? The same formula worked well for the New Day. Well, that and letting them go completely berserk on the mic. If creative were to do the same with Enzo and Cass they could perhaps go even bigger and further than the New Day. New Day’s promos depended on antics and skits much more than talking. Someone like Enzo, oozing with charisma can hold the crowd in the palm of his hands simply by talking. Therein lies the potential and beauty of having this tag team follow the roots of the New Day. After all, when someone as good on the mic as John Cena consistently takes a step back for you, you know that you’re doing something right.

Recall to the days when AJ Styles and the Club feuded with Cena, Enzo and Cass. Every time they shared the ring together, Cena would take a step back and let Enzo do the talking and enjoy the moment. If that doesn’t tell you how good of a talker Amore is, nothing ever will. Despite their great mic skills and ardent charisma, the duo is still struggling to find their place on Raw‘s tag team ladder.

This past week, they would blurt out another painful promo and then job out to Cesaro and Sheamus. Perhaps that right there is a clear indication that something needs to change for Enzo and Cass. Moreover, when Sheamus Brogue Kicks you and the crowd chants ‘Thank you Sheamus’ of all things, creative needs to pay attention to what they are doing.

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What are your thoughts on Enzo and Cass? Do you think a change in character would help the duo? Do they need to get edgier and talk less?