Chris Jericho’s 5 Best Moments with ‘The List’

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1. “You don’t even know your own name, Mike-Tom!”

Perhaps unable to be summed up in just one moment, the story of Chris Jericho and Tom Phillips is a long-running gag that had a very satisfying punchline.

Prior to moving to the SmackDown Live broadcast team, Phillips could be seen in the age-old role of backstage interviewing for Monday Night Raw. His subjects, more often than not, included the tandem of Jericho and Kevin Owens.

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For months, Jeri-KO would belittle Phillips, regularly calling him by the wrong name – sometimes multiple names in a single segment – just to accentuate how unimportant Phillips was within their grand scheme.

When Jericho turned face, however, his complete shift in character couldn’t just be ignored. He had spent the better part of a year as one of Raw’s top heels, with a distinct fondness for verbally abusing those he deemed were beneath him.

So now that Jericho was a good guy once again, what could he possibly do to follow up months of shenanigans with Philips? Flip the script, of course!

Jericho acted as if he had, in fact, put in the effort to learn Tom Phillips’ name.

Except the irony would befall on Raw’s newest backstage personality, Mike Rome. His “generic broadcaster” look made his resemblance to Phillips uncanny, and it led to Jericho mistaking Rome for the man he’d been terrorizing this whole time.

Jericho felt insulted that “Tom” didn’t even know his own name. And, given the pattern of this article thus far, you should know by now what happens when you forget your own name around Jericho. Luckily for “Mike-Tom”, Jericho’s attention would soon be turned to the mysterious drifter character, Elias Samson.

Rome would be safe until Payback, where the truth was finally revealed and Jericho was introduced to both Phillips and Rome at the same time.

Drawing the conclusion that they were, in fact, clones of one another, there was but one thing left for Jericho to do. Take out his clipboard. Click his pen. And utter those now world-renowned words that make WWE Superstars shake in their very boots.

Though it may not seem like much at face value, this one segment did well to tie together Jericho’s latest run and put an end to the whole “Jericho doesn’t know Phillips’ name” gag that had been running for months.

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What are your favorite moments created by “The List of Jericho”?