WWE: Tye Dillinger is on SmackDown, Now What?


It seems that Tye Dillinger has yet to find his place on WWE Smackdown Live.

Ever since before the Royal Rumble, fans waited anxiously for Tye Dillinger to make his long-awaited debut onto the main roster.  The tease was extended after the Rumble, where The Perfect Ten would stay in WWE NXT until after WrestleMania had passed by.

But now Dillinger has made it onto Smackdown Live, and since then has yet to get involved in a feud of his own.  His absence on Smackdown the last two weeks raised eyebrows for his fans.  So, the question is where does Dillinger go from there?

All hype and no show scenarios have been played out so many times before.  You know the build up from commentary and there is no substantial feud to follow through with the hype.  Apollo Crews is a recent example of the hype minus substance.  Before you know it the glory days of their NXT careers are a thing of the past never to be revisited.  That is exactly what it looks like for Dillinger at the moment.

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He’s been involved in a series of matches with former Vaudevillian Aiden English lately.  It is a small feud indeed but unless the feud escalates, fans know that the Canadian Superstar deserves much better.  He didn’t come this far only to plateau on Smackdown Live.  Dillinger’s second chance on the main roster can’t be wasted.

While it is a good thing that English is being used after the release of Simon Gotch, where both men go from Backlash remains to be seen.  With the lack of promotion for this feud other than a Kickoff show match it certainly doesn’t look promising.  Fans will start to worry about Dillinger’s role on the blue brand especially after being absent from the show the past two weeks.

There’s one option that certainly sounds and looks like a great idea.  And that is contention for a Championship.  Dillinger has been unsuccessful at vying for NXT Championship gold but that could change with being on the main roster.  Fans know that Dillinger was one of NXT’s most popular stars – give the casual fans a reason to get behind him.  Fans love The Perfect 10 character; why not have him try to go after some gold?

Dillinger is a sure candidate for Kevin Owens’ United States Championship.  Whether that happens is up in the air, but it’s a sure possibility.  As a huge fan favorite, going up against the former NXT Champion would be ideal.  Owens knows how to get the heat and Dillinger’s popularity continues to soar.  The proposition of a feud between these two creates a classic good vs. evil scenario.

But Owens has AJ Styles to contend with first.  Until the top of the card sorts itself out, Dillinger will have to work with what he’s been given.  However fans certainly want to see the Perfect 10 reap rewards.  Sooner than later would be the best outcome.

Smackdown is the Land of Opportunity and even though the show is only two hours every week, the blue brand has maximized their air time with various talent.  Not to say that it’s perfect, because that is far from the truth.  They have their flaws just like Raw does.  It’s just perplexing that Dillinger has been on the back burner considering his popularity.

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Hopefully the lost in the shuffle phase is only a short detour for things to come.  Smackdown has been making the most of the talent they have, and perhaps Dillinger’s time will come to shine on the main roster.  He is the Perfect 10 after all.