Finn Balor’s ‘Balor Club’ Would Be Perfect Foil for Brock Lesnar


Could Finn Balor turn the tide after all at Extreme Rules by introducing his own Bullet Club?

Sometimes all it takes is just one moment to go from superstar to icon.  While there are a select few Superstars who have transcended to that honor there could be a possible chance of it happening in this new era.  No, we’re not talking about Roman Reigns, but about the Demon King himself, Finn Balor.

Most fans know by now of Balor’s ties to the New Japan scene before making waves in NXT.  Balor was one of the biggest International stars in all of pro wrestling.  Balor was best known for his time in the notorious stable, Bullet Club.  His reputation speaks for itself, and he followed through the precedence as he became one of NXT’s top Superstars.  But his main roster run was cut short with a shoulder injury he sustained at last year’s SummerSlam.

Now Balor is back and it won’t be long before he makes an impact once more on Raw.  He is participating in the fatal five-way match at Extreme Rules in two weeks.  Considering that Balor is up against the likes of Reigns and Samoa Joe, at first thought he wouldn’t stand a chance at getting a win to face Brock Lesnar at the newly named Great Balls of Fire PPV in July.  Balor looks to be the underdog in seeking to reclaim what he’s never lost in the WWE Universal Championship.

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Or does he stand a chance after all?

Going back to his International ties before WWE, it is more than coincidence that Balor is on the same roster as his former Bullet Club allies Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.  Think about it – Balor has just returned from injury not too long ago.  He is not going to want that to happen to him a second time around.

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A surprise assist from The Club will take many by surprise.  Even if Balor played it off for a little bit as if he didn’t want their help would add to the explosion.  But Balor calling upon Gallows and Anderson as his insurance policy en route to reclaiming the Universal Championship would no doubt be a hot topic of the summer considering the cult following The Bullet Club has gained in its five-year existence.

Would it not?  Seriously, the Internet, IWC, everyone would explode if it came to fruition.

Having a team like The Club protecting Balor from another unwanted injury is warranted on his part and it also helps to even out the odds in facing the Beast Incarnate.  Compare Balor to Lesnar is like David and Goliath.  That’s not to say Balor can’t go toe to toe with Lesnar — he is capable of it no doubt.  However, Lesnar’s track record speaks volumes and Balor knows he will need that extra protection when it comes down to it.

With little teases of a mini Bullet Club reunion over time, that would come full circle.  Not only would Balor be on top of WWE once more but efficiently using his ties to get there is definitely a great story that fans would love to see play out.  Balor already stands out on the WWE roster thanks to his unique gimmick and his presentation.  He would transcend beyond what he was in NXT with his Bullet Club brothers joining him for the ride in efforts to dethrone the Beast Incarnate and regain what he never lost.

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It’s money on the table for WWE and an idea that is just too sweet.