WWE Backlash 2017: Jinder Mahal Winning is a Fantastic Shock


With Jinder Mahal shockingly winning the WWE Championship, Smackdown Live continues to build new stars and remain the Land of Opportunity.

WWE Backlash and its main event will go down as one of the most shocking moments that the company has given fans in a very long time. In what can only be described as a major surprise, Jinder Mahal won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton.

After winning the No. 1 contendorship in a six pack challenge last month on Smackdown Live, Mahal showed that he was not going to be a one hit wonder. Mahal showed quickly that he could speak and really gain heat from the crowd.

Mahal would then recruit the Singh Brothers to help aid him, and with their help, Mahal was able to pick up huge wins against Sami Zayn and AJ Styles. Mahal would ride this momentum into Backlash where he would win the WWE Championship.

Mahal leaving Chicago as the WWE Champion, is one of the most shocking moments in recent years in WWE. However, as shocking as this win truly is, it could possibly be one of the better decisions WWE has made in a long time.

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Smackdown Live has shown that they are truly the land of opportunity with Mahal winning the WWE Championship. The win also can give Smackdown Live another potential star to add to their roster.

Last year the brand was credited for reviving the careers of The Miz and Bray Wyatt and creating a brand that was vastly stronger than RAW. The brand was credited with developing Alexa Bliss into one of the top females in the company.

When the Superstar Shakeup occurred they lost all three stars to Monday Night RAW and many feared the brand would lose its edge. However, with the development of Mahal, the brand continues to build new stars.

In just the short time Mahal has been given an opportunity he has taken the ball and has run with it. He’s been able to put on great matches with top stars, and his microphone work has vastly improved. Mahal has also shown great confidence in his abilities, something that was lacking for years with him.

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The new champ can set up some really interesting matchups going forward. It seems likely that Mahal and Orton will continue their feud heading into Money in the Bank. After their feud ends we could Mahal face off with the likes of Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura and John Cena.

The new champion also has formed a new stable with the Singh Brothers. The trio could take over Smackdown Live with the brothers potentially winning the Tag Team Championships. They could do the strength in numbers and run rampant on Smackdown Live. 

Mahal winning the title also can create a positive outlook in the locker room as anyone can really become the WWE Champion.  Mahal in this short time worked hard and really showed that he was deserving of being champion.

While fans might be shocked with the new WWE Champion, this move could pan out to be one of the best moves WWE has made in years. Adding more star power is vital in WWE’s continuing progression.

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Is this a shocking move, absolutely, but this also moves that down the road WWE could possibly be extremely happy that they made.