WWE SmackDown Live: 4 Potential Cinderella Stories

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1. Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn is red-hot after a decisive victory over the Lonewolf Baron Corbin at Backlash. If anybody deserves to be an underdog and climb up the ladder, it is Zayn. The Canadian Wrestler plays the role of a gutsy underdog to perfection. He brings out the best in his opposition as well. Moreover, the way Zayn sells his opponent’s attacks would demand sympathy from the fans watching.

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Zayn is no stranger to titles. He has competed all over the world alongside Kevin Owens and has held the NXT championship once. However, the gold has eluded him throughout his main roster stint. Losses have piled up for Zayn and he is in dire need of a push and title win as of now. Interestingly, now would be the best time to pull the trigger on Zayn. He has quite the history with Jinder Mahal, going back to the six-pack challenge to determine the number one contender. Now would be as good a time as any other to initiate a full-on feud between these two for the WWE title. Once Randy Orton is done with his rematch, creative should think about having Zayn face Jinder. Creative should ideally look for ways to put the title on his shoulder sooner than later.

Zayn has come ever so close to winning his first title on the main roster on numerous occasions. He has battled for the IC title and the US title over the last few months. But the gold has always eluded him. Creative would be tempted to book another feud between Zayn and KO over the US title. But the rivalry and the animosity between the two have been rather overexposed.

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Creative should think of ways to eventually make Zayn the WWE champion. That is what every fan dreamed of the moment he walked through the curtains to arrive on SmackDown Live. Who else would you want on this list? Who will make the ideal Cinderella story? Do let us know in the comments section.