How Long Will Alexa Bliss’ Raw Women’s Championship Reign Last?


Alexa Bliss continues to be the shining star of WWE Raw.

Long live Alexa Bliss.  The saying might be in its infancy but if Bliss keeps a tight hold onto the WWE Raw Women’s Championship then it will be the icing on the cake.  Just how long Bliss will keep the Championship is anyone’s guess.  Considering the massive success she has had in just a short amount of time, it will be no surprise if she keeps the Championship for months.

We’re not talking about an Asuka-like reign here, but with Bliss captaining the ship for the Raw Women’s Division the logical thing would be to keep her on the high pedestal for the time being.  She continues to shine on Raw every week, becoming one of the top highlights for fans.  Even though she’s the heel – fans like the attitude she exudes when she is out in the ring.

At the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV, Bliss will take on Bayley in a Kendo Stick on a Pole Match.  Seeing a more extreme side of Bliss in terms of weapons works perfectly for the direction she continues to skyrocket towards.  Bayley’s chances of winning don’t look very promising and with rumors of a feud with Sasha Banks not quieting down, Bliss won’t have to worry about a threatening contender in Banks.

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Another threat to her Raw Women’s Championship is Mickie James.  The two women already have history thanks to Smackdown.  There is enough substance there to carry on a program to SummerSlam if that is the road WWE takes with Bliss.  With Bliss’ ability to manipulate the outcome of her matches, this feud could go on as far as Survivor Series or beyond if done right.

Bearing in mind, with the rest of the division inactive or not likely to challenge Bliss, it could be a lengthy Championship reign for the Five Feet of Fury.  Unless the company throws a curve ball at the fans – which they do regularly – the Goddess of WWE will be sitting pretty for a considerable amount of time.  Not that it is a bad thing; again with Bliss’ wit and eye for winning at all costs it keeps her reign interesting and keeps her over as the one fans want to see get what’s coming to her.

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By now Bliss is no stranger to the history books.  Perhaps she will continue to add to history by keeping a hold of the Championship.  Only time will tell for Bliss but until then all of us just have to sit back and watch the Goddess do her thing on Raw.