WWE NXT: 3 Potential Opponents for Bobby Roode

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Bobby Roode remains glorious as he continues to stand on top of the NXT mountain.

Bobby Roode has no doubt been on top of his game since coming into NXT last year.  The current NXT Champion has made work of his opponents from Shinsuke Nakamura to his latest opponent Hideo Itami.  It is apparent that he is more than ready for a stint on the main roster due to his excellent performances and veteran status.  However, with NXT still rebuilding, the brand needs him more than Raw or Smackdown.

Roode is a great example of those who have the knack for getting better with age.  At forty, Roode is just as good as he was years ago with TNA.  His evolution speaks for itself in terms of growth and his accomplishments throughout his pro wrestling career.  His wrestling styles resemble that of Arn Anderson, who is a legend in his own right.  Roode shows no signs of slowing down and will give Superstars on the main roster a run for their money when he does make it there.

With his skills and years of experience, Roode is that person that NXT can rely on to put the next big star over before he transitions over to the main roster.  When he would head over there is questionable for an extended amount of time, but until then Roode is the King of NXT.  There will come a time where someone will give Roode a dose of his own medicine – it could be sooner rather than later.

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On the surface, there are only a small handful of opponents who could even challenge Roode.  Itami tried and failed to capture the NXT Championship.  Nakamura couldn’t get one over on him.  However with two recent comebacks and a strong build for an up and coming NXT star, perhaps Roode shouldn’t be so cocky with his accomplishments in NXT thus far.

There are no signs of Roode turning face – but he is the perfect Superstar that can give NXT its next big babyface.  The biggest babyface of NXT was Nakamura until he was called up to Smackdown.  It’s a void that desperately needs to be filled.  Roode’s defeat may just do that for that particular Superstar.

Who are some contenders that can complement Roode and his gloriousness?  Let’s take a look and analyze the potential candidates for the NXT Championship.