WWE Extreme Rules 2017: 5 Potential Swerves

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1. I’m Not Finished With You Yet

For the past few weeks on Raw, Roman Reigns has been staking his claim to being number one contender. He’s earned singles victories over Finn Balor and Seth Rollins, two of the other competitors in the fatal five way match at Extreme Rules.

All indications are that The Big Dog is going to win this Sunday and go on to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title. Even with four other opponents in his path, Reigns has showed that he is singularly focused on what’s ahead.

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But there’s another superstar on Raw who’s got a singular focus. He’s been absent for a few weeks due to injury, and is rumored to be out with said injury for several more months.

However, this superstar isn’t just a man – he’s a monster among men. Who’s to say that Braun Strowman isn’t healed up enough now to torpedo Roman’s chances at Extreme Rules?

I can see it now – Reigns is on a roll, Superman punches and spears flowing like wine. He looks like he’s set to finally pick up a victory, when a huge being hops the barricade from the crowd and just steamrolls Roman. As the crowd figures out it’s Braun, Reigns is being thrown around the ring and ringside area.

And it doesn’t have to stop there. It can be the kind of beating that one-ups putting someone in an ambulance and flipping it over. Strowman would immediately be the biggest and baddest man in WWE, especially if he came back from a “six month recovery time” in, like, three weeks.

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What swerves do you think are in order for Extreme Rules this Sunday?