WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Results: Best and Worst Moments

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Source: WWE.com

Worst: A Cruiserweight Submission Match With Too Many Rules

Continuing the theme of “really stupid rules that make little sense,” in a match where the only way to win is via submission, the referee was threatening disqualifications and issuing a ten count when the action was outside the ring. Uh, what?

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Yes, now WWE officials will disqualify someone for not breaking a hold in a submission match, even though literally the only way to win is by getting your opponent to give up. Maybe it’s one of those semantics things, where you can only win by submission, but you can lose by disqualification? I don’t know, my head hurts trying to figure it out.

But Neville and Austin Aries deserve better than a match that (presumably) ends their long-standing feud with rules that make zero sense. And, even though it fit the storyline, the official stipulation of the match wasn’t really the best thing for a bunch of cruiserweights.

For better or worse, when the average WWE fan thinks of cruiserweights, what’s the image in his or her head? Probably high flying, exciting maneuvers – you know, everything Drew Gulak is campaigning against on 205 Live. (Now, if Gulak was in this match, it would have probably been straight fire.) So how do you get a pay per view crowd excited for the cruiserweight action? Take the time to change the color of the ropes, and remove most of the high flying offense from the equation.

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What did you think were the best and worst moments from WWE Extreme Rules 2017?