WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 3 Women Who Can Make a Surprise Appearance

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WWE reportedly dropped news that a sixth woman will participate in tonight’s Money in the Bank. Who could it be?

The rumor mill has been working overtime this weekend thanks in part to an announcement of a sixth woman participating in the first-ever Women’s Money in the Bank matchup.  There has been much talk of the women lately, all involved with some sort of comeback.  Whether it’s from injury, making a return, or taking time off, these three scenarios could come to fruition tonight.

Adding the sixth woman throws a curveball for the Money in the Bank participants.  They all have one more person to worry about taking the briefcase from them.  Question is, is that woman that much of a threat?  Money in the Bank is anyone’s game regardless of background and talent.  It’s an opportunistic scenario from start to finish.  The fact is the winner has the biggest advantage coming out of St. Louis tonight.

Returning is a common thread in this case, however, I thought about the possibility of a shakeup in the Women’s Championship match.  Would that be the reason the company allowed for a sixth woman in Money in the Bank?

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If Lana was able to pull off an upset victory, Naomi could very well work some overtime and be included in the match.  Or, it can be vice-versa with Lana losing, but finding her way into the match.  Kind of like the Royal Rumble, where a number one contender loses their match, but ends up in the Rumble is the scenario I am linking to.  This is an extremely slim chance, but one worth thinking about.

Back to Naomi, if she were to lose to Lana, then win the briefcase would be a crazy scene.  Whether she cashed in tonight or on Tuesday, it establishes more to the feud with Lana.  While it more than likely won’t happen at all, it’s a thought that could bring a bang to the Women’s Money in the Bank.  Stranger things have happened, but let’s leave this as a wild thought for now.

Either way it goes, the women’s Money in the Bank match is the one to watch tonight.  It will set the tone for future Money in the Bank matches and build legacies.  Not only is it history making, but it will change one woman’s life in her quest to be on the top of Smackdown.

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Whether it’s a predictable choice or a surprising one, who could take a shot at being Miss Money in the Bank?