WWE Women’s Money in the Bank Finish is Perfect for Carmella


No sooner than James Ellsworth had dropped the first women’s Money in the Bank briefcase into Carmella’s hands, the WWE Universe exploded with mixed responses.

Among them was frustration, shock and even anger. These were the exact emotions the finish was intended to exude, and ones rarely felt after a heel’s antics in today’s WWE.

We’re meant to feel cheated by this. Built as a historic event showcasing the women of SmackDown Live, James Ellsworth stole the moment away. Fans, myself included, felt somewhat deflated following the match, but upon reflection, it should be seen as a tremendous opportunity for Carmella.

Think of it this way. Everyone is talking about the Women’s Money in the Bank match. It was even discussed multiple times on Raw. The spotlight is firmly on Carmella and James Ellsworth, just as it should be.

Many wonder if it would have been better for Ellsworth to interfere but Carmella climb the ladder and win the briefcase.

It’s understandable. The image of a man retrieving the briefcase in a match intended to spotlight the women isn’t a good look, but there’s reason for doing it the way they did.

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Had Carmella been the one to grab the briefcase, nobody would be talking about the outcome. Screwy finishes happen all the time, but they are simply brushed under the carpet and face little consequence.

Baron Corbin won the men’s Money in the Bank match, but nobody is talking about the fact he essentially cheated by taking out Shinsuke Nakamura before the match had begun.

Why was he even allowed to compete in the match? Why isn’t there controversy surrounding that outcome? Because in the world of the WWE, screwy finishes are considered fair game.

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Jinder Mahal only has one “clean” victory to his name since arriving on SmackDown, yet he’s won two WWE Championship matches over Randy Orton. Orton hasn’t made a big deal of the outside interference in the same way Sami Zayn hardly complained when The Singh Brothers cost him a shot at the title.

Why isn’t Orton demanding a rematch with The Singh Brothers banned from ringside? Because cheating to win is commonplace in the WWE.

Had Ellsworth tipped Becky Lynch off the ladder and helped Carmella climb it herself, there would be no controversy. None.

Carmella would be perceived as a fair winner of the match, and her character would be in largely the same place it was a week ago.

Now she is the most must-see attraction of this week’s SmackDown. People want to see justice and her briefcase taken away. Assuming this doesn’t happen, The Princess of Staten Island will now be well on her way to becoming one of the biggest heels on the SmackDown roster.

Is Carmella ready for a championship run? No–but that’s the beauty of the contract. With the help of Ellsworth, she has time to establish herself as a top heel in the Women’s division. And when the time is right, she’ll cash in and steal the title from a top babyface. It’ll likely happen shortly after a fan favorite like Becky Lynch regains the championship in grueling fashion.

In the same way few are anticipating Baron Corbin’s next move, Carmella’s briefcase win would’ve gone the same way had it not been for this controversy.

The frustration from the outcome is understandable, but the women of WWE don’t suffer from this. They put on a great match and proved yet again why they are every bit as talented and deserving as the men. All five women smashed down another barrier for the Women’s division.

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While it may seem counterproductive for a man to “win” such a historic women’s match, the outcome has actually placed a bigger spotlight on the division, sparked genuine emotion from the fans and instantly helped Carmella become the show’s top heel.