Predicting Enzo Amore’s WWE Career in One Year from Now


What will happen to Enzo Amore over the course of the next year?

Enzo Amore, one of the most popular wrestlers on the RAW roster, recently experienced the backstabbing of a lifetime. His now-former partner Big Cass was revealed to be the one to have attacked him backstage.

This marked the end of their tenure as a tag team, and indicates that they will both be going in separate directions down the road. But while Big Cass’s future can be predicted with relative ease, Enzo’s cannot. His future in WWE is far more in doubt now that he has split with Big Cass. That said, we’ll look at the most plausible directions in which Enzo’s career will go over the next year.

The next few months will see Enzo trying to get revenge on Big Cass. Enzo will feel devastated over being betrayed by his partner, and will also feel despondent over Cass’s justification for his actions. This will lead to Enzo becoming more of a sympathetic babyface as opposed to a comedy character. The idea here is that Enzo had been betrayed by someone he thought was his closest friend, and wants to regain the courage to confront that person.

The purpose here is to make a relatable and believable storyline that the audience can connect with. While the Enzo Amore of old was overconfident and always seemed to have an answer and a comeback for every situation, this situation would show him in a different light.

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This would turn Enzo more into an underdog that wants to prove that he can survive on his own, and that the audience still believes in him despite Cass’s justification for his actions. Ultimately, however, Enzo would lose the feud because Cass would be the one receiving the monster push.

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How WWE treats Enzo after this feud with Cass, which is the most likely and most logical decision right now, will be critical to Enzo’s future. Enzo could succeed as a singles star by being that loudmouthed small guy that backs his loud mouth up with good wrestling ability. The idea here would be for Enzo to win on a weekly basis in undercard matches while still maintaining his sense of self-confidence. Because his promos are so popular, the key would be for Enzo to become his own twisted version of the Rock, i.e. the comedian that mocks his opponent before and after matches. This would keep Enzo relevant without him suffering too much following his split with Cass.

As the months progress, Enzo would eventually enter a rivalry with the Miz, based on both of them being two of the best promos on RAW. These two personalities have the potential to work very well together. On one hand, you have Enzo Amore, the loud-mouthed Jersey boy that says 100 words per minute and always seems to have a cheesy-yet-still-funny one-liner that manages to get under his opponent’s skin.

On the other hand, you have the Miz, the ultra-serious Hollywood professional-type that wants to be taken seriously and doesn’t like other people’s jokes. These two have the potential to work very well together in their promos against each other.

The goal here would be for Enzo to become more popular with the audience by working a more promo-oriented style with the Miz. This would be an ‘entertainment-oriented feud’ meant to make the audience laugh and care about Enzo as a performer. The end of this feud would see Enzo, who’d be mocked by the Miz on multiple occasions, score a major win over the Miz, to the audience’s delight.

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Enzo would be presented as a perpetual underdog in this feud, and that victory would be presented as a major achievement for Enzo. The feud would be built as a highly personal one that would culminate in a big match at Survivor Series.

By the start of 2018, Enzo Amore would be one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster. But despite defeating the Miz in a big match, he’d still be perceived as an underdog that can’t win in the biggest of matches. That would lead to the biggest match of Enzo’s career: a shot at the WWE Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar (who is presumed to hold that belt until WrestleMania 34).

Enzo would be put into the ultimate underdog position, as someone that has absolutely zero chance of winning the belt against a monster like Lesnar. Because of that, this title match is scheduled on an episode of RAW as opposed to on a PPV. But in that match, Enzo would show far more fire than anyone ever expected of him.

Naturally, he would get demolished by Lesnar with Suplexes and hard slams, but Enzo would still kick out time and again. He would show so much fire that people would think of him as a WWE version of ‘The Little Engine That Could’.

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Enzo would fight and fight, but ultimately, Lesnar would still crush him with a decisive F-5. This would lead to a newfound respect for Enzo by both his fans and his peers, as he could say that he fought Lesnar with everything he had.

After this, Enzo would remain a staple of RAW as one of its most popular midcarders, one that the audience loves as a speaker as well as one that they respect for having the guts to fight Brock Lesnar. Though he wouldn’t get the monster push that Big Cass is likely to receive, one can still expect Enzo to be featured prominently on RAW for the next year.