NXT: Review, Highlights, and Results June 28, 2017

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Oney Lorcan vs. Hideo Itami – Part 2

Result: Itami def. Lorcan via GTS

Rate: ***

After the video package Itami comes storming back to the ring without his music, but with a nose filled with cotton. The previously stopped match resumes, and this time Itami brutally assaults Lorcan with a series of kicks. The match was not so much a technical display of wrestling but more of a brawl with stiff strikes throughout the match. Though Lorcan was able to battle back, Itami proved to be too much for Lorcan to handle. Itami hits Lorcan with the Go To Sleep.

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I don’t understand what the intent with Lorcan. He seems directionless and operates primarily as a jobber, which is too bad considering his skills. NXT has a backlog of incredibly talented superstars right now.

As for Itami, after the match, he calls out his friend Kassius Ohno. You may remember that after losing to Bobby Roode, Itami, frustrated by the loss, shoved his longtime friend. Ohno makes his way to the ring, but before anything could be said between the two, SAnitY attacks both men.

SAnitY and Their Master Plan

I honestly hate crowds that refuse to let the wrestler even utter a word before starting the “What?” chants. But that’s exactly what happened here. As soon as Alexander Wolff took the mike, the crowd had already lost interest. Their assumptions were truly the promo left something to be desired, but at least give the guy a shot before you bury him in “What?” chants.

Wolff mentions Eric Young is away crafting his master plan, which you may have guessed, revolves around more chaos. The first step in their reign of chaos is to dethrone the Empress of tomorrow, Asuka.