WWE Cruiserweight Division Could Be Silver Lining for Enzo Amore


With Big Cass set to take flight as a solo act this year, would Enzo Amore’s time be better spent as a member of WWE 205 Live?

The wounds are still fresh as we settle in once again to a WWE without the duo of Enzo Amore and Big Cass, but one thing that hasn’t ceased is the constant speculation as to where these two men will go now that they’re officially flying solo.

Now, although Big Cass appears to be projected as the “Shawn Michaels” of the team in these early stages, with some even predicting a main event push before 2017 closes out, that doesn’t necessarily make his future the most thought-provoking.

You see, for a guy like Big Cass, with an incredible look and a proven ability to work in a championship atmosphere – as we saw in the WWE Universal Championship fatal four-way last August – for him to capture the brass ring is actually pretty standard.

Simply put, there’s a lot more about Big Cass that typically stands out to WWE as someone deserving of a title opportunity than there is about Enzo Amore.

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Which begs the question; if Big Cass is the one getting pushed right out of the starting gate, what is WWE going to do to fully harness Enzo Amore’s strengths? After all, just because he may not have the size or even the ring ability to forge a path to the championship, the man is still far and away one of the best promos in WWE.

Big Cass’ heel turn has shown that he is by no means a novice when it comes to delivering on the microphone, but he still doesn’t come close to his former comrade.

The promo that Enzo cut on this week’s Raw alone was one of the most heartfelt and passionate speeches we’ve seen in recent memory, so to let that particular talent go to waste would be the closest thing to a mortal sin in the wrestling industry.

So how does the company harness that talent? Some have suggested transitioning Enzo to a role as a manager, but that really doesn’t make sense now that the guy he has more chemistry with than anyone else has turned his back on him.

A job as a broadcaster wouldn’t work either, because Enzo Amore talks such a big game and runs his mouth so often that he’d inevitably go down the route of Austin Aries and end up either punching someone in the mouth, or getting dropped himself.

So what about an alternative option? Instead of keeping Enzo in the same ranks as his former cohort, where the two would undoubtedly be compared to one another each and every week by the broadcast team, why don’t they officially transition Enzo Amore to an exclusive role in the cruiserweight division on 205 Live?

The issues with regards to Enzo’s ring ability would still be quite prevalent alongside the highly athletic and versatile 205 Live roster, but Enzo would easily make up for that by utilizing his gift of gab to instantly become the best talker in the division.

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After all, when it comes to the WWE product, the action in the ring is really only half of the story being told.

They have always been very high on using a ton of angles, even on the wrestling-based show of 205 Live – where exaggerated characters and segments are now never in short supply.

So if there’s anyone who can talk up a storm to get people hyped for a match on the company’s lesser-known brand, it’s probably “Smacktalker Skywalker”.

At the same time, we have been seeing a lot of crossover between the stars of 205 Live and the Monday Night Raw roster lately. Sasha Banks made a number of appearances alongside Rich Swann last month, and Titus O’Neil has become heavily involved with Akira Tozawa, recruiting him ahead of his WWE Cruiserweight Championship match at WWE Great Balls of Fire on July 9.

It’s clear that they’re trying to create more interest in the cruiserweights by introducing them to some of the faces we see regularly on Raw, so to transition Enzo Amore – who weighs in at roughly 200lbs – wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.

Plus, while Enzo Amore isn’t exactly a feature name – and as such won’t draw attention to himself at the expense of the rest of the division – the recent destruction of his bond with Big Cass is popular enough to let WWE strike while the iron is hot and reap the benefits by putting him on 205 Live when this feud with Cass is over.

Strong character control, great mic work and a satisfactory skill set inside the ring will be more than enough to put Enzo in contention for the title before long. Whether he wins it is another story, but it would certainly hold up well in Enzo’s favor if he did, should Cass go on to achieve championship gold of his own on Raw.

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What are your thoughts? Should Enzo Amore join the ranks of the purple brand, or should he take his chances in the much deeper oceans of Raw’s singles division?