Impact Wrestling Review: Results and Analysis for June 29

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Rockstar Spud vs Swoggle

Mumbai Street Fight

Result:  Swoggle def. Spud via pinfall

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Swoggle starts his offensive attack with a variety of powders to the eyes of Rockstar Spud.  He continues his attack by throwing nuts at Spud but Spud throws a trash can at the face of Swoggle.  Rockstar Spud sets up a table on the outside of the ring but Swoggle stops the attack by biting Spud’s hand.  Spud takes control again with aggression and starts to insult Swoggle in the middle of the match.

He claims that it is a big man’s business and he meant to pull Swoggle’s pants down.  Swoggle becomes enraged but Spud’s rage overcomes.  Spud knocks down the special guest referee and Spud pulls the pants down of Sudo Kumar too.  He attacks Spud then Swoggle pulls Spud’s pants down.  Swoggle drives Rockstar Spud through a table with a samoan drop to win the street fight.

KM, Sienna, and Laurel Van Ness vs Braxton Sutter, Allie, and Rosemary

An all out brawl ensues with Allie and Laurel Van Ness facing off in the middle of the ring.  KM and Braxton Sutter come into the match and Sutter is in full control.  As KM fights back, he makes it known that he is in control.

Sutter reverses and gets Rosemary in and the match breaks down with everyone in the ring.  Sutter, Allie and Rosemary take control as Rosemary gets the pin earning some of her momentum back from her loss last week.