WWE Raw: What is Next for the roughed-up Bayley?


Once one of the brightest stars of WWE Raw, Bayley has fallen from grace thanks to her booking.

Bayley has been having a rough time on WWE Raw as of late.  After starting the year off winning the Raw Women’s Championship, she lost it to Alexa Bliss at Payback.  And since her loss, things haven’t gotten any better for her.  She was ridiculed in the horrendous “This is Your Life” segment weeks ago, and to make matters worse, she was made easy work of by Nia Jax on Raw this past Monday.

Cageside Seats reported rumors that Bayley will be taking on a minimal role on Raw from this point on.  While rumors are what they are, there is merit to that statement judging on where Bayley’s direction is going.  It doesn’t look good, and as I said in my blog several weeks ago why would the company sabotage her like this?

Bayley is the total package.  Her resiliency shines in her matches, and she wears her emotions well.  She is a well-rounded wrestler who could do big things in the company.  Just look at her NXT resume.    The same woman who had classic matches with Sasha Banks and Asuka on NXT is the one who has been squashed and fallen apart on Raw.

The booking of Bayley hasn’t done any favors in which the way she has been used is a disservice to her.  It’s a shame because she’s a terrific wrestler who has a gimmick that is high with kids, which is what WWE loves to accomplish.

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There has to be something to revive Bayley’s character and get her to stay in Raw’s rotation.  If she is being held back, perhaps it’s to establish her in the next phase of her WWE career?  Meaning, what if she were to turn heel?  It would be a shock for sure – maybe not by Hulk Hogan standards but it would be a complete surprise.  Sometimes characters need to grow and evolve, and for Bayley, it looks like change could be in order for the hugger.

Women such as Alicia Fox and Emma could use good feuds to which Bayley can be a great opponent for them.

Maybe team with Mickie James for awhile?  Both share common traits as being fun and having an affinity for colors.  Just throwing a few options here given the recent events.  Regardless of what the plans are, certainly there are fans hoping that Bayley will get the redemption she deserves.

Whether Bayley sits in the shadows or is secretly plotting her next move is anyone’s guess.  But it is a big mistake if Raw doesn’t take advantage of the star they already have in Bayley.  Raw is still struggling with their time management regarding using the talent they have.

Next: Time for Bayley to Turn Heel?

Bayley is threatening to fall victim to that.  There is a reason for everything; perhaps it could be the calm before the storm regarding Bayley resurging in the Women’s Division once more?  Once you fall, you get back up.  Bayley’s character is the epitome of that.