WWE: The Undertaker should not return for WrestleMania 34 – Or Ever


At WWE WrestleMania 33, The Undertaker suffered his second loss in the history of the series at the hands of Roman Reigns.

Despite not being a championship match, Undertaker vs. Reigns went on last. Not only did this foretell that something big was going to happen, but it also showed that Undertaker’s legacy at WWE WrestleMania was more important than any other element of the show, and that it should have been.

Aside from having the best sendoff in WrestleMania history, there was something in the air that was special about that night in Orlando, Florida. Having the opportunity to be in the Citrus Bowl and experience it live, the hora was fitting for a sendoff for The Deadman.

Regardless of the quality of his match, which admittedly was not very good on his part due to injuries, Reigns was a perfect choice to send Undertaker packing. Reigns had (and has) more heat than any other person on the roster, which made it even more poignant that he was able to dethrone The Phenom. In fact, thousands of people were crying when he disrobed and laid his gear in the ring.

One of the final pictures the audience was left with was the wardrobe of the Undertaker – hat, gloves, and robe – ceremoniously placed in the middle of the ring. If that is not a way to capture the hearts of the WWE Universe, I don’t know what else is.

There is nothing left for The Undertaker to do in the WWE. He has been a world champion on seven occasions, has the longest winning streak in WrestleMania history (which most likely will never be broken), and has been instrumental in the births of the Hell in a Cell, Inferno, Buried Alive, and Punjabi Prison matches.

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Moreover, he did his job in fulfilling the unwritten law of “laying down on your back and looking at the lights” which every pro wrestler is expected to do on their way out.

If The Undertaker does return, it takes away any momentum and memorable moment created from WrestleMania 33.

There is no doubt that Roman Reigns is the heir apparent to be the face of the WWE for years to come, and defeating Undertaker was as much proof as you could get that the company is not veering away from this project.

Obviously, Undertaker agreed with WWE, which is a huge notch in the belt of Reigns.

At 52, Undertaker should spend most of his time with his wife, Michelle McCool, who is never too shy about posting pics of her beau and herself. In fact, the more Undertaker appears on WWE television after his fantastic sendoff, the less his near-30-year mystique has potency. One could say that it would be overstaying his welcome.

Granted, in the heat of the moment, just about everyone would pop after hearing the sound of the gong, followed by dark, purple lights. However, Shawn Michaels hit the nail on the head when it came to potentially returning for a match against AJ Styles. There is no long-term benefit in a retired legend returning for a “dream match.” just because he can.

If he loses, it would further tarnish his legacy. If he wins, he would be scathed by the uber-critics for returning and not putting someone over.

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So, with that being said – thank you, Undertaker, for being one of the greatest characters in WWE history. There will never another like you.