WWE: Seth Rollins Benefits Immensely From Curb Stomp Finisher


Seth Rollins had an unrecognizable finisher and was in a confusing spot in WWE. Could the return of the Curb Stomp help Rollins rise back to title picture?

In this week’s main event of Raw, the WWE Universe witnessed something magical. In a rematch of the first-ever Universal Championship match, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins put on one hell of a show for the fans. To end this match, Rollins pulled a familiar move:

The reaction on Rollins’ face is pretty relatable to the WWE Universe. We were all shocked to see him bust out the banned finishing maneuver.

With the return of “Blackout,” Rollins has a chance to rejuvenate his career and rise back to the Universal title picture. Could this simply change benefit Rollins?

THE Finisher

Seth Rollins’ curb stomp finisher was initially banned, because Vince McMahon thought it was a poor representation of the company. At the time, Rollins was the top guy on Raw, and he didn’t like him “curb-stomping” his opponent’s face into the mat.

However, it’s simply a popular move, and it’s become a trademark for Rollins.

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Fans associate the top-flight, popular superstars with their finishers. For awhile, it was hard to pinpoint Rollins’ finisher. Was it the “Falcon Arrow” or The “Kingslayer?”

People associate the “Blackout” with Seth Rollins just like they did with Stone Cold’s Stunner, The Rock’s Rock Bottom, John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment and Randy Orton’s RKO.

Like all those finishers, it’s deadly a maneuver. Just ask Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton.

Rollins needed an exciting finishing maneuver, after years of having a lost — or copied — finisher. The return of the “curb stomp” should be a fan favorite.


Rollins definitely needed a shift in momentum. Ever since he dropped the Universal title, he’s been stuck in the middle with no progress towards the top. Aside from his feud with Triple H and Samoa Joe, there hasn’t been much going on with him.

The Shield reunion certainly served as a spark to all three characters. Rollins and Ambrose both benefitted from winning the Tag Team titles as they both looked rejuvenated. The fans actually care about Roman Reigns when he’s with The Shield.

Unfortunately, circumstances robbed the fans of the true Shield experience.

They had a nice Survivor Series match against The New Day, but Roman Reigns was out for their TLC match against Braun Strowman, the Bar, Kane and Miz.

When Ambrose went down, it looked like a bad spot for Rollins. The WWE made an interesting move to pair him with Jason Jordan for a Tag Team title run, and it should plant the seeds for a heel turn from “daddy’s boy.”

However, Rollins deserves better. He’s one of the most popular superstars on the roster. He’s in his athletic prime, and he’s one of the best showmen in the ring. Not to mention, he has the charisma to be a star on the mic.

He needs to be in the Universal title picture.

The return of the curb stomp could help him get there, if the creative team uses it right. They must build off of it and have it come across as a devastating maneuver. Have it write off a wrestler for a few weeks. Don’t let a superstar kick out from it — if they do, they should save it for WrestleMania. The commentary team needs to hype it up during the matches and whenever he uses it.

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Such treatment could help propel Rollins straight to the top where he should be.

It’ll be interesting to see how the WWE creative team and Seth Rollins build off this shocking move.