WWE: The Shield’s last match will forever leave a mark

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During WWE Fastlane, The Shield reunited for one last time, facing Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre.

From the moment their music hits, the crowd goes wild, and The Shield makes their way down to a WWE ring for the last time. Dressed in their iconic S.W.A.T. attire, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose confidently stare down their opponents, and the match begins.

Facing the team of Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre, The Shield evokes chaos as they swing at their opponents with such brute and force, that will remain in the memories of wrestling fans around the world. From double suicide dives, to the devastating Triple Powerbomb, The Shield performed during WWE’s Fastlane, as if they had just debuted back in 2012.

It brought chills to the fans, who have seen this faction dominate the WWE for years, and know that match would ultimately be their last. With Dean Ambrose’s contract soon to expire, those who were waiting for one last Shield reunion, were not disappointed.

The fans were also excited to see Roman Reigns return to the ring, since recently coming back from battling leukemia. Seeing him Superman Punch Baron Corbin and grin at his Shield brothers, made those moments that much more magical.

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Once the chaos settled down, the match would begin with Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley, two men who are no strangers to each other. After various hits and jabs, the chaotic Dean Ambrose stepped in, and eventually Roman would make his mark.

It was such an amazing moment to view, seeing Roman step in that ring and look at his partners and hear the excitement buzzing around the arena. The way he moved around that ring and his trademark trash-talking, it was as if he had never left. Hearing Seth cheer him on in the background brought back so many nostalgic feelings, as fans know that Seth would do the same back when The Shield was still together.

There were so many similarities within this match of iconic Shield moments, and one of those would be when Seth jumped off of the railing, and landed on Lashley and McIntyre. Seth is no stranger to such high risk moves, as he did the same back in Extreme Rules 2014 when The Shield faced Evolution. Just as that moment was groundbreaking, seeing Seth do that again was just down-right awesome.

And rightfully so, the fans began to chant, “this is awesome,” as the action never stopped. Even when it seemed like Corbin, Lashley, and Mcintyre had the upper hand, either Ambrose or Rollins flew their way in and saved the day. It literally was a “fastlane,” as all men countered each move and kicked out of each pin. Until finally, the Shield performed the classic Triple Power bomb on McIntyre, sending his body through the Spanish announce table.

Last in the ring, Corbin found himself surrounded by the Hounds of Justice, very well knowing his fate. Rollins superkicked him, and Reigns followed it by a Superman Punch and a Dirty Deeds by Ambrose. Of course, the Triple Power bomb was next, and with a swift one, two, and three, The Shield were victorious.

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It was such an emotional moment, seeing these three brothers-in-arms hug each other after their amazing last match. It was so tear-jerking and bittersweet, seeing them together for the last time, and seeing them win. Those who saw The Shield over the years saw them evolve and drift apart, but this match brought them back together.

This match was such a perfect ending to an amazing journey. With Seth standing in the middle, Ambrose and Reigns following, The Shield stood tall with their symbol of excellence, for one last time.